Donic Acuda Blue P1

Donic Acuda Blue P1 Rubber
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Speed 9.3
Spin 9.2
Control 8.9
Tackiness 2.8   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.9   
Sponge Hardness 6.2   
Medium hard
Gears 8.7   
Many gears
Throw Angle 6.0   
Medium high
Consistency 9.4
Durability 7.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10
Spin 10
Control 7.0
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 4 users using the Donic Acuda Blue P1.

A pleasure to play with

P1 (50° medium hard), P2 (45° medium soft), P3 (40°super soft)

A pleasure to play with, a rubber to be at ease with.
The latest in sponge technology. This blue sponge with medium sized pores is softer than previous sponges, despite having a higher degree of hardness.
A new pimple geometry: Thin long pimples with extra space between individual pimples.
The latest generation in top surface rubber: grippy, as with Bluefire M1 Turbo and JP 01 Turbo but with slightly flatter ball arc
Ball return is excellent: Maximum control, a satisfying sound and so easy to play with.
Fine touch â suitable for every playing standard (depending on sponge thickness and degree of hardness).

The ACUDA BLUE series, DONICâs latest rubber development, is a joy to play with, a rubber to be absolutely at ease with. Developed with the latest technology, the medium pored blue sponge feels somewhat softer than previous sponges despite having a higher degree.

The top surface has a brand-new pimple geometry â longer, thinner pimples with extra space between individual pimples enhance the control of this rubber. As a result it is easier to play with and one has greater feel without any loss of high speed or spin.

This series is available in three proven versions:
ACUDA BLUE P1 - medium hard, the dynamic attacking version

New pimple geometry
Excellent ball return
Medium hard, the dynamic attacking version
For all out attackers

Sponge thickness: 1.8 / 2.0 / max
Sponge hardness: medium +
Top surface: spin-elastic
Control 7-, speed 10+, spin 10+++
Category: OFF / OFF+

Reviews (9)

bizeizei  on 2/12/2018

easy rubber to play with especially with the current polly ball.. very easy to loop the 40+ ball , and spin I felt like wont go wrong using this rubber.. but it's hard to play in long distance.. using this rubber on fh n bh
AlanGP  on 1/5/2018

Very good rubber, both in fh and bh. Has great speed and touch, giving excellent control to it. Update: Had the opportunity to play with it again. The speed is there, the spin is there, medium throw, but it shines in control, amazing. Kinda soft.
Acacor  on 2/6/2017

Cut has 45 gr. Low arch, and for this seems a little a chinese rubber like Skyline neo TG3, with more bouncing. Same spin as TG3. Much more control, because more linear than TG3. I have Blue P1 turbo as well, and it is much more faster. I used to play with a Blue fire JP 01 turbo. It's arch is higher, so to my game I prefer Blue Fire JP01T. The problem is that blue fire is heavier, 50 gr cut, and for RBP wheight is very important.
Golia  on 9/30/2016

Fast rubber, I was able to use it efficiently on a blade ARTTE NUVOLA as it allows me to always have a good control and a lot of precision. Best used up close or medium distance from the table, away from the table you have to give so much power. The catapult the ball is good.
patrickhrdlicka  on 12/11/2015

For my detailed review see:

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