Donic Bluefire JP 02

Donic Bluefire JP 02 Rubber
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User Ratings (21)

Speed 8.9
Spin 8.9
Control 8.6
Tackiness 1.8   
Slightly tacky
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 5.2   
Gears 7.9   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.1   
Medium high
Consistency 8.8
Durability 7.1   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
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Reviews (10)

13eWa12N  on 12/22/2014

Blade: Stiga Ebenholz NCT V (CP) (OFF blade) FH Rubber: Donic Bluefire JP02 Black (Max) BH Rubber: Butterfly Solcion Red (1.9) I used to use Bluefire M series on ALL+ Donic blade last 2 years and felt it lack of solid control (maybe I didn't develop enough technique to play those rubber) After changed a lot of rubbers, I decided to give another try on BF series but now on JP series instead. Before I changed to BF JP02, I use Xiom Sigma I Euro as my FH rubber, so the comment below will mostly be the comparison to S1E. Speed: I'd say it is faster than Xiom S1E and Andro Rasant grip on looping and even faster when smashing. In non-professional game, I think it offers more than enough speed to finish the game. Spin: This rubber generate so much spin with proper technique. The very grippy surface and medium hard sponge might be the main key to generate so-much spin. It generate more spin than Xiom S1E and on par with Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft. On the other hands, the rubber doesn't seems to sensitive to incoming spin. Control: Based on my technique, this rubber has medium-low throw and medium-long trajectory comparing to Xiom S1E, Andro Rasant Grip and Yasaka R7S, so it has lower margin of error to those rubbers. Opening loop are more difficult to perform than Xiom S1E but it is more rewarding in speed and spin. In middle to long distance looping is where this rubber is really shine thanks to its medium to long trajectory and its speed. Surprisingly, the rubber still provides so much control in touch play and keeps ball short in the table In summary: Fast and spinny rubber with decent control. The general characteristics are grippy, medium-gard sponge and heavy weight (somehow I think it is heavier than DHS H3 Neo series). Highly not recommend for beginner since it require decent technique and efforts to make it shine or it will be a wild beast and hard to control.
radeg  on 12/8/2014

it's very similar to JP03 short game, but significantly faster when needed
AndySmith  on 8/5/2014

First up, you might expect that JP02 is in the middle of the range in between JP01 and JP03. It isn't - the topsheet is similar (looks the same to me) as the other JPs, but the sponge is much more open-pored. This is similar to JP01 Turbo, which also has the large-pore sponge type rather than the tight-pore sponge on the JP01 and JP03. It feels like something of a hybrid. It has the grabby, grippy topsheet from the JP range, but the sponge resembles Bluefire M2 in a lot of ways (without the booster smell you get with M2 though). In the short game, it has all of the benefits of JP01/03. Good, easy spin when you need it, but good control when receiving. In medium effort shots or above, it comes alive and feels faster and more slingy than any of the other JPs. It's not a cannon, but it has a great elastic kick which adds a dollop of pace to the shot. It does lose a bit of dwell in these gears in comparison though, so I think high-end spin is lower than with JP01, for example. It's not as linear as JP01/03, but easier to use than M2/M1. Throw is medium - lower than JP01/03, higher than JP01 Turbo. In fact, I'd call this a softer version of JP01 Turbo as opposed to being a member of the JP01/03 series. Sponge is advertised as 45deg, but the rubber as a whole feels a bit softer due to the topsheet. Has a lot of advantages of softer rubbers without the easy bottoming out. The only obvious downside so far is a slight jumpiness when blocking heavy, fast topspin. For me, an epic BH rubber. Easy to use but effective, not expensive. If JP03 feels a bit too slow and mushy to you, this is well worth a look.
roger6  4 months ago

Incredible spin, easy to open up game, and loping is great
MrNoboru  on 2/23/2019

Great speed for a medium hardness rubber. Despite the fact that the topsheet is not as grippy as, say, Donic's Acuda S2, this is a spinny rubber, but I tend to think that the spin is unleashed when engaging the sponge. Quite springy, so requires a somewhat good technique to prevent overhitting. Pairs well with OFF- to OFF blades like Xiom's Offensive S and Yasaka's Ma Lin Extra Special. Quite heavy for a rubber of such hardness.

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