Donic Bluestorm Z3

Donic Bluestorm Z3 Rubber
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User Ratings (14)

Speed 8.7
Spin 8.4
Control 8.4
Tackiness 2.8   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 2.2   
Medium soft
Gears 6.7   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.0   
Consistency 8.1
Durability 4.4   
Average durability
Overall 8.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 9 users using the Donic Bluestorm Z3.

Reviews (7)

maketheballwetsurtani  4 months ago

Staw away! I found this rubber so inconsistent on my Lin Gaoyuan ALC blade. Started off using on the backhand and it was very slow and inconsistent. When I changed to FH I still hated it. Staw away!
tktopgun  4 months ago

Z3 (2.1mm) thickness on the forehand and backhand side. Matches up and plays very well on my Donic Waldner World Champion 89' blade. Compares to T05-FX with the same speed and spin but a bit more control and creates a brotherly love blocking machine with the Waldner WC89 blade. For me the Z3 (2.1mm) seems to perform a little better than the Z2 (2.1mm) on this blade (personal preference). All in all Z3 (2.1mm) is an outstanding rubber. Donic has done their homework in creating the BLUESTORM SERIES rubber (well done). Z3 (2.1) is also a nice match for the Donic Ovtcharov Carbospeed blade. Nice touch and feel, good control, outstanding blocking, enormous speed, awesome sound is like a crack of thunder when hitting hard. Love the Z3 on this blade (personal preference). Itching to try the MAX version next but I do like the weight of the 2.1 version and extremely happy with it.
Gadget61  on 4/23/2018

The rubber does not rely on tackiness for spin, so you need a blade that gives it good dwell time, I use TSP balsa 5.5. On this blade the rubber gives good speed and spin (I have 2.1 and max) with plenty of gears and good control. I am playing better table tennis than I have for many years. Using the bat 3-4 times a week the rubber has lasted me about 9 months, so much less time than rubbers I have used before.
StuartR  on 4/18/2018

This rubber was amazing on my BH for the first month then three months later is basically dead! This is despite cleaning it with rubber cleaner every time after use and using plastic sheet protectors. I play on average 2/3 times a week so expect a rubber to last longer than 2+ months especially at the premium price point it's sold at. The top sheet still feels grippy but I feel perhaps the open pore sponge has lost it's elasticity so there's almost no grip on the ball. This makes sense as the ball reacts like it's sliding in the rubber during chops. If you don't mind changing and paying for new rubbers frequently then you'll love this rubber. However, if like me you expect more durability (at least 6 months of 2/3 times a week workouts) then find something more durable like the Tibhar Evolution M series. I'm going back to MX-S which may not have the spin and grip of this rubber when it's new but lasts at least 6 months and wears out slowly. From what I understand from a friend the Z2 wears out just as quickly. I used Acuda P2 on my FH at the same time as this rubber and it's lasted longer be has also lost much of its initial playability. Sorry Donic.... Great rubber when new by they just don't last the distance!
Blagoev  on 12/26/2017

Very good in speed ,spin and control.great feeling . It's not perfect in one thing but good in everything. Good in Topspin and blocking/ smashing

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