Donic Desto F3

Donic Desto F3 Rubber
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User Ratings (17)

Speed 7.3
Spin 8.4
Control 8.3
Tackiness 1.5   
Slightly tacky
Weight 3.5   
Sponge Hardness 1.4   
Gears 5.4   
Throw Angle 5.0   
Medium high
Consistency 8.9
Durability 5.7   
Average durability
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 7 users using the Donic Desto F3.
The F3 has the added special touch of FORMULA DONIC. It is somewhat faster than the other known spin elastic rubber sheets. It's softness and the sound of freshly glued rubber supports and harmonizes with a special touch and ball control.Players who never used speed glue before, we advise to start with the 1.8 mm of FORMULA DONIC. The new FORMULA DONIC offers playing excitement for all. DESTO 3 was made especially soft for the extra ball control and touch. Therefore do not use any kind of speed glue with this product. Removing the rubber sheet from the blade may cause the sponge to be damaged. DONIC does not offer any kind of warranty for damaged because of removal!

Reviews (9)

luc1906  on 9/1/2014

really nice sound the best control i ever found in a rubber yet and the best feel ever how ever it lacks spin and speed but great control overall the best rubber for a begginer player
Patelaaaa  3 months ago

I've grabbed a USED sheet of Desto F3 2 MM from ebay. The seller marked the rubber as 30% used and out of the Germany based TT club. So didn't had high expectations as I've got this for about 15 bucks. It sat for about 5 months before putting it on my DHS H301. Out right, started using on my backhand, feeling was soft, bouncy and overall felt very similar to Xiom Vega Euro. Infact, much better in flicks than Vega Euro. Masters in close to the table play and fishing is fun far away from the table. Thoroughly satisfied for a used rubber and no doubt about durability. Pretty good for intermediate level players favoring spin based controlled game on backhand. Go for it!
fellercat  on 1/24/2014

I like this rubber. As with all reviews some rubbers feel right and I use this as my standard rubber over Mark V. Not the best control and can feel slick at times.
PierreAd  on 9/9/2013

I've been playing with this rubber for many years, both in FH and BH. It's a really good choice for topspin-based attacking players. Control is quite good for an offensive rubber. Desot F3 isn't that good at generating spin but not bad either for a european rubber, and it has definitely enough speed for efficient attacking/winning strokes. It's definitely my "base" rubber and I would advice it to any topspin attacker.
david777783  on 12/9/2012

Perfect for a developing player to transform from hitting to looping mechanics, since the gripping feel is really delicate and accurate, and speed of hits are not as slow as the review shows if you're using a 2.0mm version , which is a better transmitter of power between blade and ball. And most importantly, price is ideal comparing to what it can provide for a beginner. I would rate its overall at 9+ if for a beginner only. (This might differ according to region, in my country F3 is about only 30 USD, being at the same price level of Mark V.) I recommend this one more than the beginner's "go-to choice"-- Mark V, since it is softer and more versatile, while Mark V needs a harder/stiffer blade to penetrate if you are a beginner, and a harder/stiffer blade demands more skill, which makes Mark V a little bit self-contradictory for a beginner, especially who are self-taught. (I paired Mark V with YE first and couldn't even figure out why people think it is soft and biting). This one is a honest mediator between you and your blade; it makes you feel your blade and makes your blade reflect how good your skills are. A blade decides quality of shots much more than a rubber, so don't chase a more expensive, more powerful rubber while developing; save money for a proper blade. But do notice that if a rubber as soft as F3 and as thin as 2.0mm is paired with a stiff/hard enough blade like Kinetic Supreme Off-, control will deteriorate, pushing and looping will lose control more easily. A max version will improve; it will trade less vertical power & speed for more grip & dwell & feel. Thus generally 2.0 for softer blades and max for harder blades. Since this is a very soft rubber, don't hesitate to change to a harder one if balls are going wild in larger strength. If that happens in max, Sriver EL will be more suitable. Now I pair 2.0 with my YE and max with Temper Tech Off- BH, and they're great.

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