Donic Sonex JP Gold

Donic Sonex JP Gold Rubber
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User Ratings (32)

Speed 9.1
Spin 8.7
Control 8.0
Tackiness 2.5   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.3   
Sponge Hardness 4.3   
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 3.3   
Consistency 7.6
Durability 5.4   
Average durability
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 10 / 10
Spin 10 / 10
Control 6.0 / 10
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 14 users using the Donic Sonex JP Gold.
Jorgen Likes to Have Everything Under Control. He is famous for his powerful backhand smash, yet experts say that his strongest weapon is his blocking game. Jorgen Persson's control on his backhand blocks is truly impressive compared to that of other players. He prefers to play with slightly softer rubber than other professionals. In fact, his choice of rubber is quite suitable for most table tennis players. Not surprisingly, the new SONEX JP GOLD points the way to the future of rubber with built-in speed-glue effect that incorporates speed and spin plus good control. It has the qualities that will be essential when speed gluing is banned!
We recommend Jorgen Persson's new DONIC SONEX JP GOLD for ambitious attackers who want a well-balanced rubber that has the effect of speed glue. This new generation of rubber offers a combination of excellent attacking characteristics with a built-in speed-glue effect.


Reviews (17)

bipinesi  on 8/25/2018

Very good rubber with good speed, spin and control. Suits offensive style of play.
Viru  on 8/18/2018

I'm using sonex jp gold on bh and coppa jo gold on fh on tibhar stratus powerwood ... This is an amazing combination ,for offensive players in the game,the rubbers pruduce amazing speed and the spin is also quite good,before i was using mark 5 fr forehand and tibhar rapid soft for bh,i played this combination for almost 3 years,!now that i have upgRaded my racket i feel that my shots are a lot faster than before, players who used to block my topspin easily now find it very difficult to do it ... Even my serves they were spinning but my opponents used to recieve it quite easily.. but now when they try to recieve it it bounces off and hits the net! I'm really satisfied wid the rubbers ,but there is only one problem the rubbers is a very this sheet and can peel off so we have to be carefull it does not have a long life
Traffylaw96  on 10/15/2016

I am Using sonex jp gold on FH and coppa Jo gold on BH with Donic Waldner Exclusive AR+ ply. I hav found some to be a bit softer and easier to control than Coppa . FH drives are great along with awesome Flat Hits. Looping from close to the table requires a bit practice but the overall control is very good. The slight Tackiness helps to to give more spin to an already medium speed rubber. Overall it is a very good rubber if you have practiced your strokes and play at and amateur level. It is especially good for those who were practicing with Mark V and want a faster attacking rubber on the FH.
panditrajdeep  on 3/12/2014

Using this on my forehand with DHS W-WC. Speed and control is good. Almost equivalent to Donic Coppa jo Gold. I hardly found any difference b/w them except for the price. Its less tacky than coppa jo gold so the spin will be little less. But flat hits are awesome. This rubber is no less than Bryce or Sriver. If you want faster loops on your forehand, go for this one. Overall 8.5/10
Subhramit_bb  on 9/3/2013

Nice rubber. Perfect for me.

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