Donic Traction MS Soft

Donic Traction MS Soft Rubber
Approx. $ 60 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.9
Spin 9.0
Control 8.5
Tackiness 5.0   
Medium tacky
Weight 5.7   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 1.8   
Medium soft
Gears 7.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.0   
Medium high
Consistency 9.0
Durability 7.8   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 11
Spin 10 / 11
Control 6.0 / 11
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Donic Traction MS Soft.
The "SAT NAV" for your bat.
DONIC has attained new dimensions of progress with their brand new TRACTION rubbers. This innovative TRACTION TECHNOLOGY ensures better adhesion and stronger friction. Similar to satellite navigation our new TRACTION rubbers will despatch your top spin loops in the right direction.
TRACTION MS SOFT is the softer version, intended for the player who requires spin and control. Ideally suited as a backhand rubber for top players. In comparison to its harder "brother" TRACTION MS SOFT is somewhat more flexible. This rubber offers outstanding control, with a pleasant elasticity, yet it is very spinny. TRACTION MS SOFT - yellow sponge

Reviews (4)

Amigo  on 3/4/2014

Got this rubber as a gift and was not expecting much out of it. I cut it up, glued it on the blade and wooo hooo was i wrong or what. Physical: Not to soft, sort of just bit softer then medium rubber. Slightly tacky top sheet which is nice but cant really hold the ball up side down. Bit uneven surface for enhanced grip also added. Control: Great :) Just amazing!!! I was so pleased with the feel and still am. Usually i struggle in short game because soft tension rubbers can be bouncy but this is not that way at all. Speed: About the same as T64 regular sponge or just above Vega Euro. It has much slower over the table game then those two rubbers. Spin: Enough from close to the table, outstanding from mid distance and ok from far away. Maybe if sponge was bit harder it would be better from far away. Recommendation: To most players but absolute beginners. I think for some reason one can use this for technique correction since it can provide ok amount of feedback to the hand. Have fun, hope this helps :)
smasher2012  on 3/16/2013

this rubber is magical rubber, you can loop smash push all is great...a flexi or a stiff blade and u have yourself a weapon...i use it in a kris a smasher and sometimes loop, but if u are a looper this rubber is great...i also used it in a joola rossi fire and it was a looping monster my friend who is 2375 told me he wanted to make the is simply an amazing rubber...idk why it does not have many reviews...
2000Player  on 4/20/2012

This rubber is really spinny, with a high throw and serious 'loading'; I love the powerful, high torque shots you can produce, and the ease with which I can vary the height and depth; Service spin is also noticeably easy to produce. I guess these days you have to compare things to Tenergy... so this is like T-05, similar speed, similar throw, similar weight, a bit spinnier, 50% more dwell time. I'm a bit surprised there isn't more hype/talk about it. Worth every penny... which happens to be about $20 less than Tenergy at the moment.
netballandpaddle  on 11/4/2011

Good rubber, worth it's price. This rubber is good for looping and smashing.

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