Dr. Neubauer Gorilla

Dr. Neubauer Gorilla Rubber
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Speed 7.0 / 8
Control 8.0 / 8
Tensor No
Anti Yes
Tested the 1.0mm red version on the backhand side of a Juic Exacta blade (manufacturer rated the speed of the blade as ALL). The hardness of the sponge is about medium IMO. The rubber surface is very slick, like a piece of mouse pad, which has no grip at all. Insensitive to all spin due to the slick surface.

In defense, the rubber is able to return the ball with its original spin to the opponent, ie. spin reversal, but the rotation is slightly weakened, IMO about 30%-40% spin reduction but is still good enough to trouble your opponent! Blocking at close range is good but tricky: as the rubber I used comes with thin sponge, it has little damping effect to slow down fast incoming ball. I could feel the power of the incoming ball was able to penetrate the rubber and reach the blade, and hence the blade does most of the job to block the ball, speed of ball largely depends on the blade's hardness/flexibility/stiffness. The ball flies long and outside the table when passively blocking incoming top spin, giving too much opportunities for the opponent to attack again, so it is better to block aggressively by pushing the ball back to the opponent. Good control when chopping at mid long range, thanks to the thin sponge. But as the rubber surface is slick, the rubber is unable to generate backspin unless the incoming ball comes with strong top spin. Therefore if the opponent drive-smash the ball without adding top spin, when you chop the ball back, the ball is spinning-less and the opponent can hit hard again easily.

Attack on top spin and back spin ball at close range is excellent with good control, the rubber was able to hit low-bouncing fast flat ball with no spin or weak back spin (if the incoming ball comes with top spin) at close range, due to the thin sponge with minimal damping effect. But needs some practice to make the ball goes over the net as the ball sinks quickly.

In conclusion this anti is sort of an attacking anti, which matches with the manufacturer's description, but is still capable of providing above-average defense ability.

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