Galaxy Mars

Galaxy Mars Rubber
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User Ratings (4)

Speed 8.3
Spin 8.5
Control 8.6
Tackiness 5.8   
Medium tacky
Weight 6.5   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.0   
Medium hard
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.0   
Medium high
Consistency 8.3
Durability 6.5   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12 / 12
Spin 9.0 / 12
Tensor No
Anti No
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Mars: The Roman God of War. Fiery and fearless, Mars is the symbol of tremendous
strength and power.
"Mars" inverted rubber of Milky Way Co. uses a new rubber formula and optimized
pimple structure to give the surface a greater friction coefficient. For players used to tacky
rubbers, "Mars" provides a greater sense of stability in addition to the unstoppable power
when looping. With its superb looping "feel", "Mars" will crush all opposition and bring you
to victory!

Reviews (1)

Darren Rapacchi  on 7/21/2010

I had this rubber a few years ago on an XI Up Probe All+ blade in Black. It did start off tacky but after cleaning it a few times with Stiga's energy spray it lost it's tacky and also marked very easy. From what I can remember not change in speed or spin just lost some grip. Was very fast and very spinny, good for a topspin driving game. At the time I couldn't loop so can comment as to it's looping potential. Great for playing at a short or middle court, but needs a faster blade combo for a longer distance style of game. This was on my first ever custom bat along with 9000D red 1.5 on my BH, a good combo for a complte novice like I was 4.5 years ago playing with shop bought bats.

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