Galaxy Jupiter II

Galaxy Jupiter II Rubber
Approx. $ 16 USD
Price $

User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.7
Spin 8.7
Control 8.8
Tackiness 6.6   
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 7.1   
Medium hard
Gears 6.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.3   
Medium high
Consistency 8.3
Durability 6.4   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
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Reviews (6)

TTCP  on 11/30/2018

Jupiter II is a great FH rubber. It's softer than Hurricane 3 (H3), has more speed, spin, and control than H3 as well. I'm using 38 degrees max thickness Jupiter II on Nittaku Violin Carbon, which is a relatively stiff and fast blade. My usual FH rubber is H3, so I will draw many comparisons between Jupiter II and H3. The weight of Jupiter II feels average. My racket (BH: Evolution EL-S) weighs 184g. According to the manufacturer's description, Jupiter II is already boosted during production. This explains why Jupiter II has noticeably better speed, spin, and feeling than unboosted H3. For players familiar with tacky Chinese rubbers, Jupiter II is very easy to use. I needed no adjustment at all, coming from H3. Loop, smash, push, chop, and service all play like H3, but with more spin and control. I noticed that my loops and drives are faster and have more topspin than with H3, but the increased feeling and control of Jupiter II also increased the accuracy of my shots. The only drawback of Jupiter II is its high spin sensitivity. But this is a common problem among tacky Chinese rubbers. If you have no problem with other tacky rubbers, you shouldn't have any with Jupiter II. At $14, this rubber is great value for the money. It's cheaper and better than commercial H3. I'm not sure if I will ever go back to unboosted H3. If you want a slightly softer H3 with more control, spin, and speed, you should try Jupiter II.
whitehat  on 11/15/2017

I really like this rubber. I use the 38 degree, max thickness, black - glued to YH V-14 carbo-kevlar composite blade. As my FH rubber, it feels very crisp and very responsive. The high throw angle makes blocking on the FH side a bit tricky (especially against very spinny loops that dip upon contact with the table); on the other hand, blocking "soft" high-arc loops above the table is not so difficult, because the rubber has a good feeling. The Jupiter 2 feels like a slightly softer DHS Skyline 3 Neo - and it is exactly this extra softness (by 1 or 2 degrees on the DHS scale) that makes it just perfect for me. The spin you can generate is just brutal... (with a relatively long Chinese-style brush-loop motion). Weight is reasonable - mine was 67 g uncut, and 50 g cut to my blade (YH V-14) (157/150). Somehow, I don't think the rubber is suited for BH - at least not in my combination with a composite OFF blade. Maybe on a pure-wood OFF/OFF+ blade (like DHS PG12, for instance) it would fit as a BH rubber, who knows. Overall, I highly recommend this rubber. I would prefer it over much more expensive ones, and the cost-performance ratio is just fantastic (NB: it cost me about 12 euros).
jsespinozas  on 1/26/2018

Medium tacky, medium heavy, high angle of shot, good feeling, made for FH, little sensitive to spin, sponge medium hard, fast if you hit hard, better control, you need to modify angle of the racket for blocking, quality of construction, excellent Spin, recommended, better than many more popular Chinese rubbers. Excuses for my English
katekarin  3 weeks ago

Slightly faster and spinnier than Mercury II. Not bouncy. Many gears. You get more power when you hit harder. The harder version is a great forehand rubber. The softer version (39 degrees) is great for the backhand. The throw angle is high, so some adjustment is needed. Those looking a more lively Chinese rubber should give it a try.
JunoJudo  on 2/1/2017

This rubber is made for FH, but i found it very good on BH, very powerful on BH smash and accurate. But for pushing you need an extra technique because the throw angle is pretty high. This rubber is new, released alongside venus III and earth II on late 2016. Recommended rubber after all.

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