Gambler Reflectoid

Gambler Reflectoid Rubber
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User Ratings (23)

Speed 5.4
Spin 8.0
Control 8.8
Tackiness 7.2   
Weight 2.2   
Sponge Hardness 1.5   
Medium soft
Gears 5.9   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.3   
Consistency 9.1
Durability 7.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 30 / 100
Spin 70 / 100
Control 90 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
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Reflectoid (SG) was designed for high control blocking, placement and chopping. Reflectoid (SG) has the ability to generate spin and counter attack previously only found in rubbers designed for attack with low control attributes. This product is excellent for players who do not want to sacrifice the ability to attack with spin, yet desire defensive properties.

Very soft and light, effortless blocking of even the hardest ripped loops. This rubber will cause your opponents to occasionally misread the spin as flat kills go dead like anti, and misread the pace, the ball comes back slower than expected. This is not slippery rubber, it has a tacky top sheet.

Reviews (16)

Euthenia  on 6/8/2012

This rubber has fantastic control, and good spin. Great for chopping and blocking. It is great for slow loops but power loops and hitting are very difficult with this rubber. This rubber is great for lower level play.
RBlade  on 4/16/2011

Chopping is so easy with this rubber. Chops are low and spinny. It's also good for blocks, serves and the occasional attack. Looping is ok from close to the table, but when I got for from the table (and when I wasn't chopping) I found it much more effective to fish the ball back. Smashing is not so good (or maybe it's just me). I have it in red and I would have preferred a little more tack. Overall great defensive rubber, I ordered another sheet in black.
cnuttc  on 3/11/2011

A good defensive alternative for someone who wants to chop but doesn't feel comfortable twiddling or using two different rubbers. The rubber has more tack than I would expect but still plays well in pushing and service return. It doesn't have much speed, but the sponge is soft enough that it can hit some pretty spinny shots. This, combined with the above average control, makes it a viable offensive rubber for those who play a control game. It has the potential to chop quite well, but the required stroke can be difficult to perform; however, this is made up for in that it can also hit a kill shot without requiring a twiddle from the defensive rubber.
ak110408  on 2/24/2010

This is an excellent defensive rubber. I currently have this as my forehand rubber on a Yasaka Sweeper blade (2.0mm red). The topsheet is tacky and the sponge is definitely soft. Serves: Because the topsheet is tacky, it is easy to serve with the rubber. It's not as tacky as some of the Chinese topsheets, so the serves won't obnoxiously spinny, but with good technique, this rubber can produce excellent serves. Counterhitting and looping: Reflectoid is fast enough to engage in an offensive rally, but don't expect to hit blazingly fast shots with little effort. The soft sponge makes offensive shots easy to control, as the ball sinks into the rubber and sponge. Because of this, the rubber is excellent for slow, spinny shots. Brush loops are easy to perform with this rubber and the topspin that comes off is great. If the opponent is not used to the rubber, he/she can even be tricked by such shots, as the brush loops look slow in the air, but pick up speed due to the topspin after the bounce. This offensive capability can be quite useful to defensive players, because some opponents play slow balls or pushes when faced with a defensive player. With Reflectoid, it's easy to deal with the slow pushes that long pips often have trouble with. Also, even though this rubber is on a slow defensive blade, I have been able to hit nice loop drives from short distances, given a full, fast swing. Further away from the table, a player has to rely on the spin capabilities of the rubber for topspin or sidespin shots. Short game and blocking: This rubber does a good job at returning serve and over-the-table pushes. I know some description of the rubber claim an "anti" effect, but that is wrong. The topsheet is tacky, so do not expect to be able to simply stick out the blade to return a spinny serve. This rubber is not nearly as reactive to spin as some attacking rubbers, but the opponent's serves must still be understood; nevertheless, returning serves is easy with good technique, and the ball can be returned with great control. Pushes are also easy to accomplish. Blocks are great with this rubber, since the ball sinks into the soft sponge; however, I cannot give too much insight into pushes and blocks since I prefer to play far away from the table. After the serve and return, I am already moving away from the table. Whenever an opponent hits a drop shot, I do return it with a push, so that is where I can comment on that. Chops: This is where the rubber truly excels. Chopping with this rubber is fantastic. It's very controllable and the backspin generated can be amazing. If the player chops with a full swing, from the ear to past the knee, the opponent will have a difficult time. As I said before, I play away from the table, and this rubber is great for long-distance chopping. Forehand chops and backhand chops are equally good. Close to the table, if the player is not in the right position, a chop can go awry, so it is imperative to be in the right position and to be prepared. Durability: I have not have this rubber long enough to comment on the durability, but I cannot see any wear on the rubber as of a couple of weeks of play. I am sure the tackiness of the topsheet will drop over time, but hopefully the topsheet won't rip like Outlaw does. Overall, this is the perfect combination rubber for a defensive player. When in a defensive state, a player can easily chop with this rubber, but when an opportunity opens up, Reflectoid allows for an easy put away close to the table, or a controllable, spinny loop. The only downside I can truly name is that this isn't the best rubber for smashes, but I don't hit smashes much anyway, so that was not a problem for me. Factor in the low price, and the defensive brother of the Gambler Outlaw is born.
Geoff86  on 11/27/2018

This rubber has great control but not great spin generation capabilities. It is also very easy to chop with. For some reason I also found it easier to do offensive chops than any other rubber, that is when the ball is somewhat above net height you can almost chop smash with it. As I said spin isn't so good, and it is not great for serving at all. In my opinion it could work best if you have something spinnier on the other side, especially for serving.

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