Gambler Wraith (Wrath)

Gambler Wraith (Wrath) Rubber
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User Ratings (9)

Speed 8.3
Spin 8.4
Control 8.1
Tackiness 6.1   
Medium tacky
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 4.1   
Gears 4.5   
Throw Angle 3.7   
Consistency 8.8
Durability 5.7   
Average durability
Overall 8.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 99 / 100
Spin 85 / 100
Control 80 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Gambler Wraith (Wrath).
The package calls this the Gambler "Wrath", but the proper name is "Wraith".

Reviews (6)

Davown2000  on 1/21/2015

2.1mm Red on 729 Black Whirlwind with Acuda S3 on BH duty Very tacky rubber when first opened and very little ball bounce but plays with reasonable speed. Short Distance: Provides reasonable consistency for all shots: chop, topspin or blocks. Can brush loop in the short game and generate heavy spin. Long Distance: Lacked some speed impact and required heavy hitting to produce better spin. Topspin: Good heavy topspin but also reactive to heavy spin. Chop / Push: Good steady consistent push shots with ability to produce heavy chop but reactive to heavy chop. Needed more care in strokes than better rubbers. Comparison to Hurricane 3: Reminds me a lot of H3 with maybe more control against heavy chop. I would use it in a similar way to H3. Recommendation: Viable rubber at low price for attacking players.
americasguest  on 1/3/2014

I have the 2.15 mm on the fh of 729 bomb. The combination of spin and speed is great if you are looking for an offensive attacking combo. I can loop low and hard, pick up back spin (you have to concentrate and really get under the ball), brush loop, and even block back top spin. Great with the 729 bomb
pnachtwey  on 10/12/2013

I don't think Wraith is that fast or that special. It is an inexpensive rubber that plays well because it is predictable. Wraith plays very well as the FH rubber on a very slow blade. Wraith excel at making slow spinny loops close to the table. I use Wraith on a Toni Hold White Spot that has a very slow rating but I can hit and top spin the ball very well. Wraith also blocks well. I don't think Wraith is a fast as advertised but Wraith simply works for me. Wraith is a control rubber.
Anonymous  on 7/13/2011

Works well on wood blades, not so well on composite blades producing strange vibration and rattling sound (not a nice pop or click). I tried 2 wood blades and 3 composite blades and always had same effect. Did not have this problem on the wood blades, in fact it felt smooth and dynamic, loops were good, blocks very easy. Not as fast as Outlaw.
sahiggs100  on 4/16/2010

I recently got this rubber for my forehand on a blade with lots of control and I find that it plays very well. Its a pretty fast blade but with the extra control from my blade I am able to manage it very well. Its quite spinny and I do some good serves with it. I would definitely recommend this rubber to anyway who is looking for something that is fast but still has good spin and control. Although I am also a believer that the good blade combination makes a lot of difference.

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