Globe 999 National

Globe 999 National Rubber
Approx. $ 15 USD
Price $

User Ratings (34)

Speed 7.8
Spin 9.3
Control 9.0
Tackiness 6.2   
Medium tacky
Weight 6.3   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Gears 8.4   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.3   
Medium high
Consistency 9.3
Durability 8.2   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 8 users using the Globe 999 National.

Reviews (21)

jerem  on 6/22/2016

[Globe 999 N-IN Blue Sponge 38*] Quite soft, medium tacky chineese topsheet. (more elastic than H3c). Sponge has no pores it's quite similar to #22 Sponge from dhs, hardness is about same like T05. Performance of this rubber is connected with the blade. More woody -> the better blade for tacky rubbers (wood has some special kick). I was using it with Garaydia alc (too low throw, too short dwell time) and now I glued it onto Innerforce Layer ALC (limba outer) it works perfectly fine for 15$. I tuned it with 1 layer of falco long, it gain some more speed, easiness in creating spin and a bit more control on passive strokes. Rubber plays very linear, it's more all around than any version of H3 (N/nonN/Prov/Nat) where H3 has an edge in fully offensive strokes, globe has more control and it's easier to handle tacky propeties of the rubber (born as an European). If you like chineese rubbers with quite soft feel want some more control and spin than pure blasting power (h3), you should get one and try - it's cheap and good!
Dino  on 1/14/2011

Nice rubber. It has great control and can produce awesome spin. Has about average speed but has many gears. If you can generate your own speed and don't mind medium hard sponge, this can be your ideal rubber. Very good price too, just $15.
13eWa12N  on 12/10/2018

[Blade: Yasaka Ma Lin Extra Offensive (CS)] || [FH: Globe 999 National (Black, 2.2, 39 deg)] || [BH: Yasaka Original XHS (Red, 1.6)] Noted that I used to be tensor user. I changed to this rubber from Donic Bluefire JP03 (2.0). It is also noteworthy that I use Globe 999 Nat untuned (only 3-4 layers of water based glue) in order to improve my core technique. [Update] I have already tried 38, 39 and 40 degrees. I found that 38 is too soft and springy while 40 is too hard and unforgiving. For me 39 deg is my ideal hardness. From my observation, the rubber does the best job with hardwood paddle. The rubber feels too mushy and too soft when using with soft blade. My impression to this rubber is nice balance control loop type. Spin is great if you got right technique (Brush loop / right bat angle). It has not so bad drive but it need much more effort to make it fast (compare to tensor which is more forgiving). [Update] For speed wise, if you have really good technique, right weight transfer and hitting timing, this rubber is fast enough to finish the point with brush loop or smash otherwise the speed is average for half-baked technique. The rubber seems to not so much sensitive to spin as blocking and pushing are quite easy to perform assuming that you have enough soft hand to handle the spin. Underspin push is quite heavy enough to force opponent to make mistake. Lob is okay but you need extra effort for high lob. I'm not sure about chopping characteristics since I'm not a chopper. All in all, this rubber shines on control loop department but in order to have a good control, you need a good stroke and racket angle as this rubber isn't forgiving to mistake, especially on attack stroke. IMO, DHS series are far more forgiving than this one, but this one is still dangerous in the right hand.
Hozuki  on 8/15/2018

Oldschool rubber. Too slow and undynamic for 40+ era. Still spinny enough, but too demanding. Control was not good for me, rubber has some unusual throw characteristics, as low power loops and drives are low throw and then throw increases rapidly as you increase power. This is exactly opposite to the DHS NEO rubbers. Spin generation needs a lot of effort. Tuning seems mandatory. But then it still feels like a direct downgrade of TG2. Seemed better on koto and walnut outer ply than on limba. Quality of rubber is exceptional. Never seen such a pristine topsheet and sponge. It saddens me to say this, but this rubber's glory days have long gone past... :(
draculeshanks  on 11/11/2017

Just tried this 39 degrees sponge with an all wood blade side by side with tenergy 05, for me it's not slow at became even faster after the tackiness fades away...the throw angle is high...i dont know why others rated this as slow...previous setup is t11-t05FH-t25BH and compared to the speed i don't notice much but globe 999 has a better control in my swings.

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