Haifu Blue Whale II (2) (Untuned)

Haifu Blue Whale II (2) (Untuned) Rubber
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User Ratings (3)

Speed 8.2
Spin 9.0
Control 8.3
Tackiness 8.0   
Weight 7.0   
Sponge Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 2.0   
Medium low
Consistency 10.0
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
This is the untuned version of the Haifu Blue Whale II.

Reviews (3)

zhan2133  on 9/24/2014

My sheet (black, max, black sponge) didn't last very long, but that might be because I had the training version. After six weeks of heavy use (about 7 hours a week), the topsheet showed visible tear and wear. The sponge also ripped when I removed the rubber. The combination of tacky topsheet and semi-elastic Jap/Euro style sponge can produce some serious spin while serving. It is right there with DHS rubbers. However, on loop I couldn't "feel" how much spin I put on the ball. The looping sensation is very different from, say, Skyline 3 even though they are both Chinese forehand rubbers. Whale II is more like a hybrid between Chinese and Euro/Jap. I don't think it's a backhand rubber. It has enough power and spin but lacks spin, which will suit for forehand more than backhand. If it is not for the poor durability, heavy weight, and the low throw angle, this would be the perfect forehand rubber for me. I bought it because of the sexy black sponge under the black topsheet, but I don't think Haifu makes it that way anymore. They have the pink/red sponge which is very similar to the Shark line.
david777783  on 11/25/2012

I played 39° hardness. Surprisingly speedy for a highly tacky Chinese rubber. Has a funny clicking sound and crispy feel when hit on the sweet spot. Serving feels like something between Chinese rubbers and non-Chinese ones, because serves are very spiny and more speedy than a traditional Chinese rubber, somewhat reminding me of Razka 7 in this unique combination of spin and speed (and only this characteristic do; make sure that these two are absolutely different). Given that you've grasped the mechanics of looping well, Blue Whale 2 can be a deadly weapon in loops, but I think it's not for a beginner since it still has the "dead" feeling that a Chinese sponge usually do, which means you don't sensitively feel how the ball works in the rubber while you hit it, which wouldn't happen in a soft European or Japanese sponge. And don't think that a softer version can solve this problem. Very heavy, which is another reason why it is not suited for a beginner.
bballgeniusyml  on 12/21/2010

Very spinny & I dont use speed glue!!! Have been using it for about 3 months & loving it on FH 38° Hardness

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