JOOLA 4-All Rubber
Approx. $ 20 USD
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 6.1
Spin 6.2
Control 8.9
Tackiness 0.3   
Completely non-tacky
Weight 3.7   
Sponge Hardness 5.3   
Gears 4.5   
Throw Angle 3.3   
Consistency 10.0
Durability 6.5   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.6 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 65
Spin 65
Control 95
Tensor No
Anti No

Reviews (5)

Anonymous  on 12/11/2011

i have this rubber, it is ideal for defensive, very tactical players who are seeking ultimately control and accurate placement. i am a natural attacker however i successfully attack and produce winners and loops in the league that i play in.
spiral  on 10/24/2011

It is cheap, so it is a good value for control players who care only about placement.
Anonymous  on 6/30/2011

Really not bad for amateurs
JR  on 12/23/2010

Ridiculous. Some idiot decided to underrate this rubber. I understand when someone has different experience and gives less ratings, but when someone rates each characteristics of this rubber with 1, that is unfair. I played several times with joola 4 all. This is far away from professional, but very good for amateurs. Little slow, not great spin, excellent control. Capable for all kind of strokes.
Ika  on 9/4/2010

I have it on my premade racket. Solid. You can play allround and defensive game. Not speed, but with some effort you can play even attacking shots. Not for profesionals, but for amateurs very good rubber (euro style of playing). Possible thickness 1.5 and 1.8 mm. 4 all.

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