JOOLA Air! ROSnet Rubber
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User Ratings (10)

Speed 8.9
Spin 8.0
Control 8.1
Tackiness 2.0   
Slightly tacky
Weight 2.7   
Sponge Hardness 3.1   
Medium soft
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.6   
Consistency 8.8
Durability 6.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 2 users using the JOOLA Air! ROSnet.
Soft and still fast?

Impossible... No, it isn't!

ROSnet - that's how we call the technology that sets new standards and extends the possibilities regarding dynamic and safety. This is made possible through a - compared to other rubbers - totally new molecular structure that has the ball bury itself in the rubber in order to practically catapult out it with extreme force!

All our top players were enthusiastic about it after the first tests! Well, those people know their business and are able to speed glue a rubber in such a way that even at first glueing the rubber provides best possible speed and spin - but also the "normal" player will realize after the first strokes that with AIR! ROSnet he/she is in control of a thicker sponge and plays a stronger topsping without losing control. And since the AIR! is 10% lighter than usual rubbers the change to a thicker sponge does not affect the technique.

The AIR! is the first rubber in ROSnet technology - and we still see many alternatives for the future in this new technology!

Also known as Joola Air! RossNet.

Reviews (5)

Bane  on 6/26/2011

for players who play away from the table,I play with a thickness of 2.0 and is quite fast, , a lot of people play with this rubber, I had a chance to try on many different wood but JOOLA Rosskopf Emotion is best demonstrated great blade ,i will need to replace my rubber, I need some stronger spin and control with a lower speed since I started playing near the table
Anonymous  on 1/14/2010

I put this rubber on an old sport craft blade for sum giggles and i love it maybe im getting better or the k5 i had it on just wasnt a good fit.
chadr7  on 11/23/2009

fast but i agree 5' away way 2 springy for me im new but i switched 2 bryce speed and love it could be great for some one else but i did not like how it had me playing
Anonymous  on 7/26/2009

Fast with good spin and springy. For players who wants to play loops far away from the table. I think its not fitting close to the table players.
TTPlayer  on 12/21/2008

This is a nice counterdriving rubber for one who is in a loop-to-loop battle 5' or more away from the table. Sponge is soft, about 40 degrees, and top sheet is non-tacky (which makes serves not quite spinny). The earlier versions used to have a white sponge, but the later ones seem to be green. Sponge is springy. Spin is all mechanical, need to get the ball into the sponge. The upside is that the rubber is fast, with good dwell time! Throw angle is low (when tried on a variety of blades, very stiff to very flexible), so looping underspin is somewhat hard, especially if you're used to a euro style of loop. Fast, short chops can be loaded with backspin and difficult for the opponent to return. Since it is somewhat expensive, lowered my overall rating to 8.0.

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