Juic Neo Anti (Anti-spin)

Juic Neo Anti (Anti-spin) Rubber
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Speed 4.3
Spin 3.5
Control 9.1
Tackiness 0.4   
Completely non-tacky
Weight 3.8   
Sponge Hardness 1.1   
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 2.9   
Medium low
Consistency 9.4
Durability 9.6   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 0.0
Spin 0.0
Control 0.0
Tensor No
Anti Yes
There are 2 users using the Juic Neo Anti (Anti-spin).
Chop, float or hit. This new elastic antispin allows your opponents spin yet allows you to deliver a fast controlled return, forcing your opponent into confusion and errors.

Reviews (5)

anti  on 2/26/2017

Review on black 2.0 mm placed on a Stiga allround evolution blade. I have tried several anti rubbers and this is by far my first choice. Have been playing with this for about 15 years. I twiddle and use it, mostly on backhand, but over the years I have learned to enjoy this on forehand aswell. Doing a forehandloop with it, force opponent to the mistake. It will take you some time to get used to this anti-rubber, but when you get to know it, you will love it, and it will love you. If you are a allround loop player, combine it with a rubber that is spinny, to get maximum variation. It is great in returning serves, spinny or fast. Take a step back, play the chop game, or stay close to the table and short block or attack. Its up to you, variation is a good thing. Slow down the game to your pace, the keypoint for using this rubber. It is possible to hit back with it, but that will take time to handle, for me its easier to do this with backhand. The ball will be difficult for your opponent to return, hard to lift, as the bounce is flat. It offers great control on chops away from the table, but it will not have same spin reversal as long pips. Ok spin reversal on short blocks, and on hard brush, I think. It also gives a great disturbing anti effect to opponents spin, if you hit a spinny forehandloop with a 'anti-loop'. Gets slower over the years, but so will you, that makes the anti effect even better. Have tried same rubber on a Stiga defensive NCT blade for some time now. The blade gives even more control on passive strokes like chops and blocks, but makes it challenging to attack/push, but nothing that can not be learned over time, I think. Have changed to a 1.8 mm black on a Stiga Defensive wood NCT and I will stick with this. Also tried black 1.5 mm and 1.0 mm but that was too slow for my game. But if you are a chopper, you might have a different opinion.
mattythegunner  on 1/1/2014

Used it for 20minutes and hated it. I play with inverted rubbers and will never touch anything like this again. But other anti loop players speak highly of this rubber.
haggisv  on 3/25/2008

This is quite a unique antispin rubber, with some properties not unlike many long pimple rubbers. It has a sensitive and quite slippery topsheet and a very soft and dead sponge. This allows you to generate (or take off) some spin when you dig into the sponge and brush the ball, but reverse the spin when you hit it lightly. This gives you a lot more options than most traditional anti-spin rubbers, which tend to mainly take the spin off with some reversal no matter how you strike the ball.
ALLIGATOR  on 12/9/2017

I review 2,0 sponge red version. Should be simmilar to YAP but they are quite different. YAP is faster with better offensive opportunities while JNA is slower and more controllable, suitable for chopping.For the time being I will stay with YAP because seems to be more deceptive and effective in winnig points although JNA has his own strong points. I will continue to test JNA and revert with an update.
Iloveanti  on 9/8/2015

Review based on 1.8mm red version. It is a tricky modern anti spin rubber, the surface is slick when using the finger to wipe it slightly, but when press down the rubber a bit and rub it, the rubber become slightly grippy. When flat hit an incoming ball, the ball returns to the other side with no spin, but if you try to dig into the ball by twisting the blade a bit forward and upward after hitting the ball, it will be loaded with a little bit of top spin. The amount of top spin helps to add speed to the ball and confuse the opponent. The downside of this rubber is: although it is not sensitive to top spin, the small grip on the rubber surface makes it slightly sensitive to side spin. Thus forget about spin reversal on this anti since it is not that slick

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