Killerspin Fortissimo

Killerspin Fortissimo Rubber
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User Ratings (28)

Speed 9.5
Spin 9.1
Control 8.9
Tackiness 2.7   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.1   
Sponge Hardness 4.5   
Gears 8.7   
Many gears
Throw Angle 3.5   
Consistency 9.8
Durability 8.9   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 106
Spin 94
Control 94
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 4 users using the Killerspin Fortissimo.
The Ultimate Innovation in Rubber Technology! The Killerspin FORTISSIMO is an extremely innovative rubber made especially for high-level topspin players. The Fortissimo synchronizes modern table tennis technology to make this rubber unlike any other! The rubber consists of a hybrid top-sheet made of an elastic compound, which generates amazing rebound, as well as a soft compound that helps grab the ball and create more spin. Equal components of natural and synthetic rubber give an extra spring effect.

The Fortissimo features the best of 'East meets West', incorporating a made-in-Japan sponge, ideal for powerful top-spin shots, as well as German 'Torqsion Technology', which is stronger than normal tension standards, giving the rubber an added performance edge. All of this technology is protected by Killerspin's plastic bag to maintain the rubber's integrity from production to the court. Made in Germany. ITTF approved.

Used by Killerspin player Biba Golic!

Reviews (12)

adrenalinac  on 3/26/2015

Amazing, and on some way specific rubber. Very fast, but also with nice control can be very tricky for opponent. It's very precise in smashing and for chops. Throw angle is low, requires practice&adjustment from player, but I prefer to put it on fast blade with as much control as possible. I played it on Joola K4, and it was great experience after I get used to the angles. Tenergy 05 is a bit spiny but also a bit slower, and comparing those two rubbers, Fortisimo is more delicate with side spins, and generates exactly what you want (requires good technique), while Tenergy 05 is more forgiving, but also fast and spiny. Fortissimo is very good rubber, that I would recommended to ALL round to Offensive players, without any doubt.
GenElectric  on 9/28/2014

A very forgiving rubber with speed and control and one of the fastest rubber for forehand I've used so far, beats bryce speed and tenergy 05 in-terms of speed and great control on slower blade. Out lasts it's competitors and better price too. Good spin for its class. Absolutely no speed gluing or boosting needed as the rubber itself already has extreme speed and softness out of the packet. Has similar feeling as a freshly speed glued Mark V. Only downside is its relatively low throw angle and spin comparing with tenergy 05, bluefire and evolution series, can be fixed by correcting strokes and more controlled topspin play with a softer blade. On a harder blade it can be used for flat hitting any topspin balls with ease and on a softer blade you may loop with extreme power and speed. It can be said to be the perfect hybrid between Tenergy 05 and Desto F1 achieving the east meets the west phenomenon. When used properly by a skilled player, there should be more spin than you'll ever expect being produced by the European topsheet!
clublevelplayer  on 9/3/2012

Black and Red max sponge Speedier than Bryce speed. a medium to high throw rubber. A bit shiny top surface sort of special additive were use on this rubber. Pair it with Killerspin Diamond CQ blade. At first its a little too bouncy and hard for blocking but once you get used to and right angle of blade, this set up is a beast. Tensor rubber is decently price.
Bacterius  on 12/9/2010

Fast rubber same as many rubbers in the market. Spin is very poor. Not a good rubber to combine with a very fast blade. Rebounding is too fast. Probable with a soft blade could have better properties.
jojoga  on 8/8/2010

This is a very good rubber for fast looping and smashing. It plays best when glued to an off+ blade like gergely, timo bol tri-carbon or sardius. I have mine glued to an unknown carbon ritc 729 rated off+ blade and its performance remains rock solid even when hitting heavy loops. Topspins and pushes are very controlled. It plays better than a btfly bryce in terms of creating heavy spins because of its sticky topsheet. One of the downsides is that it is not as durable as some of high end butterfly products. Little cracks begin to appear in the middle portion whre the ball is frequently hit. Some say this is the case in some tensor rubbers. The cracks become more noticeable and gets wider each time. In a nutshell, This is one of the best rubber in the market today. You get what you pay for. No wonder this is a bestseller.

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