Killerspin Nitrx 4z

Killerspin Nitrx 4z Rubber
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User Ratings (8)

Speed 8.6
Spin 8.2
Control 7.9
Tackiness 3.1   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.1   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.5   
Medium hard
Gears 5.7   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 3.5   
Consistency 7.9
Durability 7.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 8.7 / 10
Spin 9.0 / 10
Control 8.7 / 10
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 3 users using the Killerspin Nitrx 4z.
The tacky but thin topsheet on Nitrx 4z gives you the advantage of heavy spin on serves, while being more forgiving when receiving spinny shots. High control is offered for blocks and counters. Nitrx 4z is suited for a power driving offense, and works well in a third-ball attack game. Made in China. ITTF approved.

Reviews (6)

bdee  on 5/30/2015

Quality rubber that easily stacks up to the likes of Sriver and Mark V. Similar feel and just as durable too. Clean and consistent batches, unlike many Chinese rubbers that lack QC. Nitrx 4Z plays like a traditional rubber. It has a grippy (non tacky) surface that relies on mechanical grip. Fantastic for hitters and drive loopers. Because the sponge needs to be activated to create heavy spin, it's less well-suited for brush looping. This is top shelf stuff and Killerspin rubbers in general are very underrated.
icontek  on 2/28/2018

If you finally realized you don't have the footwork to play with Hurricane 3, but still prefer the feel of a Chinese topsheet and firm sponges over mushy German Tensors, it might be worth a look at this underrated rubber. It feels like an upgraded Sriver L, and really grips ABS balls like the Nittaku Premium 40+ and newer DHS D40+. I agree that it it suitable for driving the ball (as you need solid contact to engage the harder sponge). I normally prefer a softer rubber for backhand, but was surprised how well the Nitrx 4z worked on both wings. It's consistent and reliable, and seems to pair well with 7 ply blades with Limba outer plies. If you like to apply pressure to your opponent with controlled attacking topspin from close to the table, this rubber is remarkable for the price.
DaCastle  on 11/23/2014

Have been using this rubber for about two months now on my pre-made Jet500 paddle from killerspin, probably averaging 6 hours of play a week. I had used only pips out OX paddles previously. My skill level before I started getting serious about improving was limited to mostly backhand push, and sometimes a backhand drive or smash. After watching multiple hours of USATT rated matches online, I have determined my current skill between USATT 1500-1800. I currently play with people close to my skill level. A push against a backspin serve is lethal, and if you can manage to control this rubber well enough to get a chop in play, it is all very hard for the guys at my level to return. Once you adjust to the rubber, any bounce a few inches over the net are easy to send a strong drive low and fast. i can return backspin and topspin shots pretty well. Because the rubber/sponge combination is a little harder, it works well with BH topspin shots. On the other hand, regardless of how I've tried to adjust my technique, I can't get a loop in play with any reasonable amount of speed. for side spin, if I don't have a chance to smash or drive hard, it is quite hard to put the ball back in play. In all honesty, I think this rubber is made for someone with a more polished technique then myself. This rubber is solid for someone who uses mostly strong drives with less spin, or likes to play a few steps back from the table. A few steps back is the only way i can hit a loop with good speed and control, which doesn't happen often as continuous strong drives are something my playing partners can't often attain with me.
smh777  on 2/23/2014

So I got this rubber with the Premade Killerspin Jet 600. My initial impressions of this were that it was decently tacky, allowed for pretty good spin and speed. However due to the medium-hard sponge, the control on this paddle takes some getting used to, its very easy to over hit, but once you get comfortable you can place you shots pretty well. Overall the spins good, speed great and the control when youre acclimated is great.
DigitalGrounder  on 12/4/2015

-Speed The speed on this rubber is decent, it's pretty fast on topspin drives, and power shots. -Spin good spin, whenever I serve with this rubber my opponent finds it a little difficult to return my serves. -Control Honestly, the control of this rubber is terrible. Sorry if it's harsh, but that's the only word I can really think of when I think of control on this rubber. Looping isn't very effective since the ball doesn't seem to come down soon enough, and it's very easy to overhit a shot. This rubber definitely needs time to get used to. Pushes on this rubber performs good, and flips are "alright" sometimes it's really easy to misjudge a ball and it can either fly right off the table, or go straight into the net. Control again is terrible on this sheet of rubber. -Conclusion Now, do I recommend this rubber? If your an attacker, then absolutely NOT. It is very hard to attack with this rubber. Now if you defend, then maybe I'll recommend it, but like I said it's very easy to misjudge a shot. But I think there are better out there then this rubber.

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