Kokutaku 868 Spin Power

Kokutaku 868 Spin Power Rubber
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Speed 8.5
Spin 9.5
Control 9.5
Tackiness 8.0   
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 6.0   
Medium high
Consistency 10.0
Durability 7.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall (not rated) 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 9.0 / 10
Spin 9.0 / 10
Control 9.0 / 10
Tensor No
Anti No
This newly developed 868 version rubber suits for players who are spin oriented. Sticky and Soft topsheet helps to perfectly grip the ball. The special selected sponge will provide sufficient power for attacking with great control.
Tackiness : Medium (Suit for 40+ Ball)
Sponge Thickness : 2.2 mm
Sponge : Power Green Sponge
Sponge Hardness : 36 Degree
Speed : 9.0
Spin : 9.5
Control : 9.5

Reviews (1)

arteepr  on 1/25/2017

I've tried it both original and boost by falco booster . For me compare to the same price rubber this one is much better. I still don't have any problem with the glue between the sponge and rubber....and most of all when I remove it from my blade to try on the other blade it didn't shrink at all and very easy to remove glue from its sponge. The rubber came with mini pore green sponge. The rubber surface is a bit stickier than most of Jap rubbers but less than most of Chinese rubbers. The hardness said on the rubber's cover is 36 degrees but for me it's more like 47 degrees in Europe rubber scale. Speed is fast enough to finish the point but the most I like about this rubber is when I try forehand topspin stroke my friend told me it's like the ball curve slowly at first then kicked faster after it hit the table. The original one is okay but I like the boosted one more. The boosted one is a bit softer and faster so it's easier to dig the ball into the sponge. Btw I can't compare it to the other Chinese rubbers because I usually play with European rubber which is much more expensive than this one. But I still recommend this for the one who's looking for Japanese rubber alternative.

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