Mizuno GF T45

Mizuno GF T45 Rubber
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User Ratings (5)

Speed 9.4
Spin 9.2
Control 9.1
Tackiness 1.8   
Slightly tacky
Weight 6.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 5.8   
Gears 7.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.3   
Medium high
Consistency 8.8
Durability 8.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 13
Spin 13
Tensor Yes
Anti No
Made in Germany.
New Tension System for Plastic Balls
Gaining more speed and spin

Reviews (3)

yoroto  on 3/25/2018

Used it for 6 months now on Yasaka EO7 Power. I am a reversed-backhand penhold player. I was trying to test it for my FH, but found it is much more difficult to control FH drives with it than Yasaka Rising Dragon which I have been using for 2 years on FH. However, I found it is great for BH blocking and looping. It can generate extraordinary spin with short chiquita and always surprise the opponents.
TTDB15  on 7/25/2017

Excellent for block against topspin. The rubber surface is much more durable than any inverted pimple rubbers I tried to date, outstanding rubber to practice blocks against extreme topspin balls from my Bty Amicus Pro. This rubber has low throw angle hence lifting backspin balls needs accurate techniques and timing. This rubber is heavy with hard sponge. Its slow speed, low gear but high control go well with fast blade, overall good rubber for practice.
akarimlou  on 6/29/2015

One of the best after popular tenergy 05, every one ask in thd club about my rubber bescause of it's spin and sound ! Harder than tenergy 05-FX and softer than 05, if you like more speed use the harder T48

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