Nexy Karis M+

Nexy Karis M+ Rubber
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Speed 7.5
Spin 8.2
Control 8.3
Tackiness 1.3   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.0   
Sponge Hardness 5.0   
Gears 4.0   
Throw Angle 4.0   
Consistency 5.0
Durability 7.3   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 7.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 1 users using the Nexy Karis M+.
Solving the problem of a “Hard Topsheet” + “Hard Sponge”

With the poly ball, rubbers are required to be more powerful. Until recently,many rubbers were equipped with a hard top sheet supported by a hard sponge, which were believed to add more power to the rubber, but resulted in instability for some players. Therefore, today’s trend is to adopt a softer top sheet in order to lessen the instability But that does not satisfy a certain group of players who are accustomed to using a hard top sheet + hard sponge rubber. They still miss the powerful topspin shot, which is only attainable with a hard top sheet + hard sponge composition.

Nexy has accomplished this without losing the integrity of the rubber by developing a new form of column structure under the topsheet's surface. You will find this rubber well-balanced and consistently predictable.

So, we can continue to enjoy this attractive composition of a very grippy hard topsheet and powerful high tension-bubbled sponge with KARIS M & KARIS M+.


Reviews (2)

guybrush123  6 months ago

This is for kids developing technique.
Reaper  on 5/25/2017

It's hardness is medium as the “M” on it’s name suggests. Easy to cut and average weight.● Is not super fast, so decided to use it for control. Glued on the DEF+ side of a Donic Alligator Combi blade and use it on the BH side mostly.● The best aspect, the accuracy on BH punches and flicks at the table and 1.5 meter away are amazing. i can attack with flat hits and get a nice straight path, also on spinny flicks the topsheet grabs the ball with good results, the surface has a really good grab but is not sticky like a chinese rubber.● Using it on the FH side is tricky, since is not that fast you need to have proper skills and not do lazy hits, do your loops and topspins properly and you’ll get good results, but less deadly than known high-performance rubbers. This rubber is for controlled attacks with good placement while being close and mid distance from the table.● The serves come out spinny but too fast, so i needed to dial down.● It can generate good spin on its own and is very spin sensitive, blocking heavy topspins is hard, some angle adjustments are needed. ● Chopping with this rubber is extra hard, if trying to chop-push it pops up, and trying to hard chop away from the table, the balls shoots off straight to the net, even with a slight touch! i can only guess this has to do with the pip structure repelling the ball faster at a very extreme closed angle. Chopping is my main weapon and i’m really struggling at this department with M+, so i switched to a style with more blocking, punching and flicking with rather decent results.● After 4 months, no shrinking of sponge, no tearing of the edges and no discoloration, very pleased on the quality. It performs great on a hot and humid environment.● All the testing was done only with *** seamless balls.● it's like a Sriver combined with an Airoc, melting properties from the old era and the new plastic ball age. If you want to work on your topspin technique and ball placement, I highly recommend this rubber for you.

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