Palio AK 47 Red

Palio AK 47 Red Rubber
Approx. $ 15 USD
Price $

User Ratings (51)

Speed 9.3
Spin 8.6
Control 8.6
Tackiness 0.6   
Completely non-tacky
Weight 2.7   
Sponge Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Gears 7.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.1   
Medium high
Consistency 8.3
Durability 7.9   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 17 users using the Palio AK 47 Red.
Do you worry about insufficient speed or loop not long enough
in the era 40+ ball? You don't have to worry any more, as Palio
has decoded the matte topsheet. The new “AK47 RED” has
reloaded with strong grip and explosive speed power.
Long-lasting material combined with the sense of elasto-crisp
bring matte rubber to a new level.

Passion Red, with 45-47 degree sponge is a breakthrough in
evenly distributed foaming teachnique. It provides strong elasticity
and support with unfathomable inner strength. It exerts your potential
power completely as getting more power with force and spin with
precise control. It enables combat mode in triumph as soon as
you get started.

Fitted Play: Fast Attack / Loop
Sponge: 45-47° (color: Red)

Reviews (33)

emelo  on 10/5/2016

The sponge (RED and BLUE versions) looks very like the Galaxy/Yinhe "God crossbow" type (Big Dipper and Moon Speed). This is a high quality "made in china" medium porous sponge. It is really very fast, but predictable, i am big fan of balanced and moderate catapult effect. Palio produced a light, non-tacky, lively topsheet, this is thinner than Yinhe Moon Speed, and more thinner than Big Dipper. Very good grip and higher throw angle, but little more spin sensititvity and the feeling very very good. Compared to other light weight rubbers, this is incredibly steady. I feel like plays, the Xiom rubbers, not too long dwell time and very consistent... I prefer the Y Moon Speed (hitting efficiency), but AK-47 is much closer to modern tensors. Nice rubber, good for every kind of shoots, specially for looping. AK47 RED (hardest version, red topsheet): 62g ...(Galaxy Moon Speed (medium): 68g) AK47 BLUE (softest version, red topsheet): 57g ...(Galaxy Moon Speed (super-soft): 63g)
Oddjob  on 11/23/2016

This rubber is AWESOME. At 44 grams, I have it BH mounted on Galaxy T11+ and I am struggling to amass enough superlatives with which to adequately appraise it. I have used AK47 Blue (reviewed) on several blades including T11+ but, for me, this is far better. I have also tried NEO Hurricane III, TG2, TG3, 729-08, Lightning DS LST, Focus III Snipe, Faster III on BH - as much as I like them all, none of them get anywhere close to the AK47 Red in terms of consistent response and control. It is not at all tacky yet it's easy to generate plenty of spin. It is very good against incoming spin too. According to the spec its hardness is 45-47 degrees but it doesn't feel anything like this which, for me, is a good thing as it allows delicate play with plenty of feel and feedback. I think Palio's description for this rubber is pretty accurate and I love the price. For the moment I am finding it very difficult to fault this rubber in any way and would highly recommend it to attacking players.
Dev2112  on 2/3/2017

After seeing many videos of this rubber in use on Youtube, I felt it deserved a try. Mounted on the FH of a PG-7, it plays pretty fast (just a hair faster than the blue version), with a little better spin. Looks like a keeper, especially for $17.50 a sheet. Only had a few practices with it so far, so ratings may be updated as it gets broken in.
malinch  on 7/30/2018

A borracha mais rápida e controlável que eu usei. Gera um ótimo spin e é perfeita pra bloqueios Drives saem muito rapidos e cheios de giro Completamente sem grude e totalmente diferente das borrachas chinesas Uma alternativa as borrachas mais caras do mercado.
mrmisior  on 10/21/2017

In short: fantastic rubber. The story: I used to play with Chinese tacky rubbers like yihne, friendship, kokutaku, etc, for 12 months. My favourite was friendship 729 RITZ (hard sponge, tacky topsheet) I use Stiga Classic Allround and I have a solid allround game with a focus on consistency and placement. I was lacking the skill and power to finish a point so rallies would go until opponent made an error. Here comes AK47 Red. Since I switched, I lost a minimal amount of control but I gained a huge amount of power and spin. With a little effort, I am finishing the points now due to increased speed and spin. My timing is better and this is, I think, is due to better grip of this rubber so even if dwell time is shorter the strokes are more "forgiving". Loops, drives and smashes are effortless. Pushes and chops require more attention but since the spin is tremendous - still rewarding. This rubber is not for beginners IMHO.

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