Palio Macro Era

Palio Macro Era Rubber
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User Ratings (35)

Speed 9.3
Spin 8.6
Control 8.5
Tackiness 1.7   
Slightly tacky
Weight 3.9   
Sponge Hardness 4.3   
Gears 8.4   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.3   
Consistency 9.3
Durability 5.6   
Average durability
Overall 9.2 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor Yes
Anti No
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Palio Macro ERA represents the latest evolution in table tennis rubber technology. It is manufactured in Germany by ESN Elastomer GmbH using their latest, 4.5 Generation Tensor BIOS technology. In the past, players utilized speed glue to add a new level of speed and spin to their rubber. In Sept. 2008, the ITTF banned speed glues. Macro ERA with Tensor BIOS is designed for the post-speedglue era, where the "speedglue effect" of increased speed and spin is permanently built into Macro ERA and endures for the life of the rubber! The latest Tensor rubbers feature increased performance, durability, and touch, when compared to their predecessors. Experience the excitement of ultimate rubber performance without worrying about messy glues or harmful chemicals.

The topsheet of Macro ERA is grippy and non-tacky. It is stretched under high tension by the sponge to impart maximum energy to the ball. You will be able to see, feel, and HEAR the performance as your shots make a satisfying "click" sound that resonates through the playing hall!

There is a Macro ERA rubber for everyone! Macro ERA comes in two different sponge hardnesses, 42.5 degree (medium-soft) and 47.5 degree (firm). These German Tensors play a bit softer than their hardness indicates.

42.5 degree Macro ERA has a nice softness and is perfect for close to the table topspin attack plus consistently powerful, spinny, and accurate opening attacks! Comes in 2.0mm and MAX sponge thicknesses.

47.5 degree Macro ERA features a firm, yet elastic sponge designed for maximum performance on topspin shots executed at distance from the table. Expert players who love to back off the table and hit massive counterloops with lots of topspin and "kick" will love this rubber! Comes in 2.1mm and MAX thicknesses.

Reviews (22)

Donic Fan  on 5/26/2011

It crushes the ball! Tremendous speed and power, makes a really crisp sound when you make good contract, loops are pretty good also. I bought 47.5 degree, 2.0 mm, red and it weighed 66 grams uncut. It shrank back off the edge 2 weeks after I cut it. Took it off and transfered to another blade (Galaxy K4) and it still hits hard and crisp. I don't see any degradation in performance. The 42.5 degree, 2.0mm black came at 57 grams. The topsheet has a really nice sheen and stays that way even after repeated cleanings. Not tacky, but produces good serves. Good product!
fluturas101  on 2/5/2011

This is one of the best rubbers I've played with. Currently using it on the BH, but have just ordered one for the FH too. At 28 USD it's really affordable. The rubber is great for aggressive attackers, but it's also an excellent defensive weapon. Great for looping too. Thumbs up for MacroEra. It's really worth the money.
mmerkel  on 4/29/2010

I got this right after the Gambler Outlaw max. I got the 47.5 degree sponge in max on the ERA. At first I only noticed that it was easier to loop underspin balls, but after another session, I noticed that the ERA seems to have a whole other gear on smashes and loop drives. My serves are now spinnier and I have more control in my loops. It is easier to vary the amount of spin in my loops and I can get overall more spin on my loops. I had to adjust my blocking a little bit as the ERA has more bounce to it, but I was also able to take out all of the opponents speed and spin. Even though the ERA is ever so slightly tackier, it is not much affected by incoming spin. I had a couple small encounters with the table on surprising short or net shots, but all I can see is very little scuffing on the rubber. The Outlaw had a few chunks missing on the outside from similar encounters. I will have to watch how durable the rubber is. If you hit the ball right, it clicks quite loud too. I like the 42.5 degree version better than the 47.5. Loads of spin available a bit more control for a minimum loss on mid gear speed. I noticed that I had to close the blade a bit more on loop drives versus the harder version. The softer version seems to have a bit more catapult in the lower gears that made control shots go just long. By the end of the first night I almost had adjusted to it. One more practice should do it.
Amigo  on 2/23/2015

Physical: Yellow sponge with high quality ESN top sheet. At 42 degree hardness rubber feels along the lines of T64, Sigma 2 Euro... Ok pack but there are much better packs out there. Spin and speed: All there as with any modern rubber... I can’t bottom out even the softer version at 42. Great curve on the ball close to the table and off the table rubber provides fair amount of speed. Best point: Price ofc.... For just under 30 bucks you get the performance of much more expensive rubbers. You can save around 20 bucks per sheet going with Palio and not lose any performance since ESN rubbers at medium hardness are nearly identical. My new BH rubber. Have fun with TT and enjoy life!
MEBELBOX  on 11/22/2014

I used it about a month. On Yasaka Ekstra blade, 2 sides, max thikness. I notably improved my BH. I am very satisfied about it. Even enjoy for this fact. But my FH became worse, because much more balls go out of the table. It is still fast for my FH. Not for beginners. After 4 months I could not play well with this rubbers. Very, very low control. I sold them. That is the main reason. And I bouth second hand JOOLA RHIZM. That is my rubber!

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