SpinLord Marder

SpinLord Marder Rubber
Approx. $ 20 USD
Price $

User Ratings (12)

Speed 6.6
Spin 8.6
Control 9.2
Tackiness 3.8   
Medium tacky
Weight 3.3   
Sponge Hardness 2.5   
Medium soft
Gears 5.3   
Throw Angle 3.6   
Consistency 8.3
Durability 7.4   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 60 / 100
Spin 100 / 100
Control 100 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 2 users using the SpinLord Marder.
Spinlord Marder is insensitive to incoming spin and is very suitable for the passive blocking game and will also absorb a lot of speed. Spinlord Marder was designed not only to combine with allround woods but works well with medium and high speed woods for more controlled offensive play. Marder is perfectly finished and very durable. The sponge of the marder is soft and very controllable with a hardness 35 Degree.

Reviews (9)

crag_hack  on 9/15/2012

Great rubber for chopping in 1.5-1.2-1.0 thickness. Very good for controlled backhand in 1.8 or thicker. Also very good for allround player and for beginner. Very similar to Tackiness C but has much better durability while twice lower price. And it is rather close to "old" Tackiness C (produced 10 years ago and more, with old butterfly logo), but a bit faster (than old). Unfortunately Marder has no such a legendary durability as "old" Tackiness C, but it is surely more durable than modern Tackiness C.
bfreund  on 2/1/2013

This rubber is amasing god spin but most importent super control on blocks and on spinny servs against you, you can control the returns with great control. Super price compared to ex. Butterfly tackiness chop.
jact2000  on 4/26/2019

My favorite forehand rubber for defensive style. Can do spiny serve, easy serve return, chop, smash, loop, push.. everything for close to the table up to middle distance.
kayuhkuat  on 12/1/2017

I would recommend this to beginner. Soft feel, light if 1.5mm sponge, easy to play. Not as good as esn rubber but just worth the price and playable.
ged  on 8/11/2011

Nice slow rubber, rather insensitive to inoming spin. Very good for chopping and controlled loops on bh. Very good for beginners. Price 18 Euro

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