Stiga Calibra LT

Stiga Calibra LT Rubber
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User Ratings (74)

Speed 9.3
Spin 9.2
Control 9.0
Tackiness 4.7   
Medium tacky
Weight 5.9   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 7.4   
Medium hard
Gears 8.7   
Many gears
Throw Angle 6.6   
Medium high
Consistency 9.0
Durability 7.8   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 96 / 100
Spin 91 / 100
Control 70 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 19 users using the Stiga Calibra LT.
Calibra LT from STIGA has a medium hard sponge, suitable for the highly skilled player with excellent technique. Calibra LT is for advanced players who demand tremendous spin and speed, combined with a sensitive touch. If you want to advance your game, this is the rubber for you!

With the Calibra series we have created a totally new dimension to the game. We focused on creating a longer trajectory on the ball, as a long trajectory in today's game is more and more important. The combination of spin, speed and long trajectory is unique to this rubber series; you have never felt this level of play before. With the Calibra LT rubbers you will be able to perform strokes and shots never before possible. You will still have control for all the small shots and service return, but when you are attacking you will be in a totally new world. The Calibra LT series will take your game to another level.

Reviews (25)

RafW  on 8/7/2014

(used on FH; 2.0) Never thought I'd say this, but Stiga Calibra LT is better for me than T05!! T05 has it all: speed, spin, control. Calibra LT has even more speed and control. You can control every shot from dropping a serve back short (really short!) to spinning cross court full power. A slow loop can produce a lot of spin when the ball is lightly brushed. The ball trajectory seems to be longer but can be easily adjusted for. In fact when you get used to it the ball hits the table near the end and is much harder to block for your opponent. Pure speed kicks in when you loop full power. Flat strokes aren't that impressive. The main difference between T05 and this one is the lower throwing angle. This needs a bit of getting used to. I struggled with this for a couple of sessions. Now things are starting to improve. When you have to react really fast the Stiga Calibra LT is harder to handle than T05. So far I was not able to hit any "lucky" shots. You really have to be prepared for every shot and attack it with vigor! Conclusion: Wonderful product
seguso  on 3/3/2012

in short: great speed and control. spin is average. The perfect forehand rubbers for skilled powerloopers. in detail: after a certain skill level, I believe this rubber is superior to Tenergy 05 in _all_ respects. I know this is a bold statement and I'll try to justify it below. You can think of Calibra LT as an improved acuda s2, (hardness, throw and feel are similar), but with _much_ more control, and much faster. s2 has superficially the same medium-low throw as calibra, but in reality it has an unpredictable throw, while calibra lt is very predictable (and much faster). it is a great forehand rubber on any blade. I could use it on bh without problems (and probably will, possibly in a softer version). only for skilled players due to the low throw, much lower than t05 or vega pro. you have to know how to lift the ball. But, again, much easier than acuda s2. and you'll find that, on fast carbon blades, calibra lt is _more_ controllable than slower, higher throw rubbers such as t05 or vega pro, because these rubbers are also more spin-sensitive so they amplify your small errors. I think the keyword for this rubber is _predictability_. The ball seems to go where you want it to. With Calibra LT it is very easy to counterloop, unlinke T05 or vega pro, because of the low throw and spin sensitivity. this is a big plus after a certain level. with calibra lt your opening loop will have much more penetration than with t05 or vega pro. This is important because, again after a certain level, spinny opening loops are useless. with calibra lt, service receive is much easier than with t05, vega pro or acuda. Calibra lt does not need tuning. It is probably the fastest rubber to date. It is not true that this is only for mid-distance players. I am a close-to-table looper and have no problem with calibra lt on OFF+ carbon blade. Only, you have to have a good technique for opening loop. this rubber is not blade-dependent: it works great on both flexible hard wooden blades such as stiga OCR, and stiff carbon blades such as dawei wavestone.
Nelsonjack124  on 10/6/2016

I am using this rubber max both sides Bh & FH On my gergely tamca 5000 spin is ok even topspins and serves, serves mostly land on the net a plenty times specially when serving deep spin serves, this rubber has a good control over all sometimes i think maybe because I have very stiff blade like gerlgely it becomes difficult a bit to play as gergely is an advanced blade, for smashing it is very good and flicking too, its been a month i am using this rubber so far good this rubber can be very offensive if anyone glues it on a right blade , and has the right skill with a suitable angle,those who want to finish points faster this rubber is good overall satisfactory
patrickhrdlicka  on 12/10/2015

I am an All/OFF- USATT ~2000 player. I have used this rubber both in the FH/BH. In my opinion, it is a great rubber for hard direct hitters but less suitable for players who exclusive rely on topspin, due to its low throw angle. I found it to be an excellent BH rubber. Very crisp feel (medium-hard sponge). Good short game. Fast, but still good control. The rubber is very light (15% lighter than an Andro Rasant Grip).
timeout  on 8/7/2015

I like the Calibra series and this one is a little harder then Calibra sound. I say medium hard. It has a nice feel and I like it very much against under spin when the tacky surface makes it easy to get the ball over the net. Good in serve and returns. It's a rubber for offensive players who likes rubber with control.

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