Stiga DNA Pro M

Stiga DNA Pro M Rubber
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User Ratings (16)

Speed 8.8
Spin 9.0
Control 9.0
Tackiness 2.0   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.2   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.4   
Medium hard
Gears 7.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 7.2   
Consistency 8.9
Durability 5.7   
Average durability
Overall 8.9 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 156
Spin 134
Control 78
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 9 users using the Stiga DNA Pro M.
Made for professional players at the peak of their abilities.
Made in Germany.
Enlarged sponge cells for increased catapult effect and higher arc.
Improved life length due to increased ratio of natural rubber in the top sheet.
Unique pimple geometry between sponge and surface.
Available in sponge hardness degrees 42.5 (soft), 47.5 (medium) and 50.0 (hard).
Designed and developed in close collaboration with members of the Chinese National Team.
Optimized for the ABS ball.
Translucent top sheet with an improved look and touch.
Orange colored sponge.

Reviews (6)

roger6  7 months ago

Tack will dissappear soon, there is a issue with the weight, can differ +-10(!) grams uncut. vERY DISSAPPOINTED
liketabletennis  8 months ago

You have to careful with this rubber. It is a modern and good offensive rubber if you can handle it, To me all the differences to all the other tensor rubbers are so massive that I have to try this one in my backhand. Forehand experiences, first the "plus" ones: good spin also in serves, reasonable control, easy blocking. "Minus" ones: when spinning, you have to be careful not to brush the ball too much. In that case the ball will fly over the table. Underspin and receiving serves is not that easy. I will try this in my backhand and I will update my review....
Pingpong154  8 months ago

always hated stigas rubbers, but this one was really good! I have tried a lot of rubbers and this one is a keeper. I still think tenergy is a better rubber, but only for better players! If you aren't a professional player i think you will get better result with DNA instead of tenergy. DNA can be compared with tenergy 05 because both are spinny with a high arc. I think the rubber felt pretty soft for being 47 ESN degrees, I could easily choose 50 on FH. DNA isn't too pricy for a new good rubber so try it if you would like a wannabe tenergy 05 which has a bit more control and a bit less spin and speed
Nothepro  4 months ago

Plays way softer than 47.5 degrees. Fast backhand spins and chiquitas/strawberries are awesome. Blocks arc a bit to high and the catapult can disturb the short game but nothing very disturbing
IamYordan  6 months ago

This is my favorite of the rubbers I've owned. I'm an intermediate player, so I really need a lot of control. As soon as I slapped these on (both sides), I was immediately better without any warmup; even when coming from much softer rubbers (Rakza 7 soft). They are surprisingly tacky, although I have not had them long at all, so I can't speak to the durability/ if the tackiness will last. I was also surprised at how slow the rubbers were; I expected them to be much faster than my Rakzas, but they were actually significantly slower, with almost as much spin, but TONS more control. This allowed me to make bigger strokes and ultimately have more gears. Highly recommend these for an intermediate player making their first custom paddle.

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