Stiga Mantra M

Stiga Mantra M Rubber
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User Ratings (17)

Speed 9.0
Spin 9.0
Control 8.7
Tackiness 1.2   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.1   
Sponge Hardness 5.1   
Gears 8.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.5   
Medium high
Consistency 9.0
Durability 7.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.1 10
Manufacturer Details
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 10 users using the Stiga Mantra M.
The new STIGA Mantra is developed with the latest Japanese rubber technology and offers the perfect balance of synthetic and natural rubber. This new rubber mixture creates a tension between the surface and the sponge resulting in an incredible catapult effect. Microscopic air bubbles in the sponge (Oxygen Capsule System) provide great speed with a stable and consistent hit and touch. This rubber is perfect for players who require the highest in rubber quality and performance. Mantra is suitable for all types of players, with sponge variation ranging from soft to hard. - The medium sponge creates a high speed rubber with great hitting power - High speed and feeling from mid distance - Gives players the upper hand in spin-spin rallies - Produces extreme spin in serves when desired

Reviews (5)

ttandrisko  on 6/28/2017

Surprising for me, it´s very -very good rubber. Very good speed and control, grippy topsheet. It´s good rubber for aggressive -offensive players. Middle, middle -high throw angle. I play with Tibhar MX-P, and this rubber is very good alternative to him.
Kaik  1 months ago

Ow, what a rubber!
BramV  8 months ago

Perfect backhand rubber, compatible with many blades. Well suited for modern table tennis. Control in backhand to backhand rallies is perfect. Flicking serves is easy. Topspinning is great, also in second position. It will lack some punch further away though.
Harry  10 months ago

I played with Tenergy 05 before getting Mantra M. Apart from the slightly cheaper price Mantra M is worse in every way. It doesn’t spin as well and the speed is there, but it just doesn’t feel right. Also I’ve only been playing a couple weeks and the quality of the ruber has faded. So even though it’s cheaper does it even matter if I have to replace it more often.
Bobb  on 1/11/2018

This is one of the best Stiga's rubbers. Just buy one and play with it and it talks about itself. Enjoy!

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