Xiom Omega IV Pro

Xiom Omega IV Pro Rubber
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User Ratings (80)

Speed 9.3
Spin 9.3
Control 8.8
Tackiness 2.4   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.5   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.8   
Medium hard
Gears 8.8   
Many gears
Throw Angle 4.8   
Consistency 9.3
Durability 8.5   
Lasts a long time!
Overall 9.4 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 138
Spin 120
Control 83
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 35 users using the Xiom Omega IV Pro.
- Extra playing properties by new carbo sponge and top layer
- Additional clicking feel for sharper control
- Extra spin with new chemical composition

Historical evolution towards full "speed-glue" aggression. Based on Hyper Elasto technology the new top sheet matched with upgraded Carbo Sponge offers extra-ordinary playing properties. Feel at the ball contact fully assimilate the clicking sensation generated by speed glues. New chemical composition and additional built-in tension make the ball more spinning and its trajectory significantly higher. OMEGA IV PRO stretches the ball from opponent's court very fiercely after the bounce as if launched from speed-glued rubber.

Reviews (45)

leoin7  on 2/24/2015

This is a very fast rubber which can produce heavy spin when needed. The greatest strength of this rubber is that it can produce consistently powerful topsins with a strong forehand stroke, however the forehand stroke is best when combined with a powerful turning motion of the body. This makes a very good forehand rubber and lasts very long so no need to replace it for many months. I have had a sheet for six months and train for tournaments about 10 hours a week and the sheet still plays like new
ZiFnT  7 months ago

Played in max thickness on Xiom Zetro Quad and Septear on forehand. Didn’t really like it on backhand personally as too low throw for me to backhand loop with confidence. Would be good if you were just looking to push safe, block passive and punchblock on backhand. Really matches well with soft blades hinoki top in particular. Most similar feeling to speed glued Bryce I have found. Though similarly with speed glued Bryce I found this lower throw rubber forced me to play one way: get into topspin ASAP, offensive and fast until the point ends. This is where the rubber shines though I prefer newer generation rubbers where topsheet grabs the ball more and allows a more varied and imo more enjoyable table tennis experience. For comparison purposes which may be helpful for others: lighter weight, a touch slower, less spin at low-med speed/serves, lower throw than Rasant Powergrip 2.1. This is faster, more spinnier, more click feeling, catapult, similar throw to than Palio AK47 Max. As AK47 Red is slower and noticeably lighter this may give the impression it is higher throw vs Omega IV Pro though only as you can brush and hit harder with AK47 Red.
ayoushinoki  10 months ago

A relatively firm and grippy topsheet combines with a firm sponge (47.5 ESN hardness) to give high spin and speed potential. Paired on a Petr Korbel blade, it gives consistent results on flicks, pushes, smashes, loops and hits. Lifting backspin is effective. The ball does not slip off the rubber even in humid weather and when loop driving with a very closed racket face. Offensive shots, properly executed, will simply skid and shoot off the opponent's side! May not be helpful to beginners because sound stroke mechanics are required. One needs to hit into the rubber for best results. For the improving player, this rubber gives clear feedback in feel and sound. Compared to Xiom Vega Pro, the chief difference is Vega Pro has a supple topsheet, even though both Vega Pro and Omega lV Pro have the same published sponge hardness. With Vega Pro, the feel is like the ball 'plays' on the rubber for a moment before shooting out. With the Omega lV Pro, the feel is more immediate. The rubber is priced approximately 25% cheaper than the latest tensors. My rubber had to be replaced after about 90 hours. Though this rubber has been around for 10 years, it is still an excellent attacking rubber for intermediate players.
bizeizei  on 5/3/2018

good rubber but kinda lack of spin compare to tenergy series..for spin tenery>xiom but for control n block I prefer this rubber. easier to do counter spin with BH than tenergy64. the speed n bounce/loop kinda like T64 but the throw angle a bit lower Overall I prefer this rubber
TTEnthu  on 12/25/2017

Great rubber for offensive game. I found it to be little better than MX-P. It took me no time to get used to it. It doesn't lose the spin even when you hit topspin with full speed. Generates lot of spin during Serves too. Highly recommended!

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