Xiom Vega Pro

Xiom Vega Pro Rubber
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User Ratings (138)

Speed 9.2
Spin 9.2
Control 8.8
Tackiness 2.3   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.6   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 7.0   
Medium hard
Gears 8.0   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 5.8   
Medium high
Consistency 9.1
Durability 7.7   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.3 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 80 / 100
Spin 90 / 100
Control 80 / 100
Tensor Yes
Anti No
There are 89 users using the Xiom Vega Pro.
Spin is the most important element of modern table tennis. Not only the strength of spin but also the stability and secure feel have been desired by many players. VEGA series is the realization of the dream. VEGA is the mixture of two new technologies - HYPER ELASTO and CARBO SPONGE. Both of them are based on TENSOR technology which gives rubber the effect of built-in tension. HYPER ELASTO provides extreme spin and stability, and black colored CARBO SPONGE provides innovative efficiency of energy. Further, the feel of VEGA is exciting but comfortable. Its ease of use will help players play “winning” table tennis. Now four variations are available. All of them provide exceptional spin capability. VEGA PRO is for extreme spin, softer VEGA ASIA is for more speed, VEGA EUROPE is softer with more control, and finally, the softest VEGA ELITE is for extreme control.

Reviews (71)

PierreAd  on 11/13/2015

Certainly my favorite forehand rubber of these last years. I've made lots of changes in my setup during several month, coming from flexible blades and very soft rubbers, and gradually came to stiffer blades and harder rubbers. I quickly came to love the Vega Pro for many reasons : - It's affordable, and yet very durable (lasts around one whole season for me). The build quality is extremely good. Though the sponge is firm, the topsheet is quite thin and suple so the overall feeling is firm, but not that hard (I'd say around 42-43°, depending on the thickness and the blade underneath). - It's quite fast, but very linear, so you don't feel like you're playing with an uncontrolable rocket. You get the speed you expect, no surprise, no tensor effect that comes into play when you don't expect it, and yet it's easy to play. On the contrary, the Vega Europe is a little easier on this side, speed is easier to "trigger"... but Vega Pro can be really fast as well if you have a good technique and hit the ball correctly. However, during short play or opening topspins, the rubber offers lots and lots of control... - ... and spin ! Vega Pro is a very spinny rubber. I never played with Tenergys or modern alternatives so it's hard to compare, I'd say it's a bit behind, but really not far. Throw angle is high or medium-high so very suited for topspin play. All in all, this has been my favorite rubber for the last 2-3 years, never really needed to try anything else. For this price, and if you
bekay  on 1/4/2019

I have used this rubber since 3 month after my 3,5years break from table tennis. In the past i used tibhar evolution EL-P, Tenergy 05 but this my favorite rubber so far for forehand. Powerful topsin, easy block i great control and placement the ball. I recommend play close and midle from the table, because if u use this rubber far from the table u will be must use more power due less catapult effect than tenergy. I use 2.0mm thickness on the FH side on the Primorac OFF- and i will probably try a max thickness next time or Xiom Vega Tour
ControlledSpin  on 10/5/2017

I really like this rubber. It does just about everything well and is easy to use. It's the first tensor I used after transitioning from Mark V as a developing player. Good speed and spin with great control and consistency. Excellent for blocking, flat hits, serve return and pushes. Pretty good for looping and serves. The high throw angle makes lifting backspin fairly easy. Can be used effectively on either FH or BH. Not the fastest or spinniest but a good choice for an all around tensor that is highly consistent with good control.
HumbleBear  on 8/15/2015

Weighs around 48g cut (2.0mm on Primorac Carbon). This harder rubber is suitable for softer surface(hinoki) blades. I first had it on Powerwood and it felt hard but slow and not spinny due to the harder surface of the blade. I then switched to Primorac Carbon and boy what a difference it made! The rubber seems to be made for this blade. The softer hinoki surface of the Primorac Carbon is a good match to the harder sponge of Vega Pro. Together the shots are fast and extremely spinny with vicious spin. Side spin shots can be spectacular curvy; topsin shots will dive into the table without going long. I never knew this blade can produce such a huge spin! This is my fastest and spinniest blade by far. I also own T-11+, PG7, Powerwood and N9. Unfortunately, the sponge deteriorated after 2 month of hard hitting 6 days/week; was once a hard rubber with medium throw now has became soft and high throw. Due to this, I will try the 1.8mm or the Donic Bluefire series next time.
seguso  on 1/18/2013

(updated jan 2013) This is a forehand rubber with very high throw, very spinny, a fast mid gear but slow in the top gear. good for developing players but too slow for experienced players. you can find it useful for close to table looping, as it is similar to tenergy 05 but slower. Medium-hard sponge, medium-soft topsheet. good for forehand, difficult for backhand due to the very high throw. Opening loops are incredibly spinny (maybe they lack a bit the penetration of the acudas and calibra, but they are much easier). Counterloops over the table and at the table are easy but with very closed angle (good for fh, but very difficult for bh). The rubber becomes a bit slower and noticeably softer with time (2 months), but does not lose its grip much. Comparison with acuda s2: s2 is a speed oriented rubber, vega pro is a spin oriented rubber. However, s2 has more dwell time. As I said it is noticeably faster. S2 is lower throw. Spin in s2 is less than vega pro. Flips over the table are much easier with vega pro. Also opening loops are much easier (and spinnier) with vega pro, but also slower. Backhand looping against fast flat services is very difficult with s2, much easier with Vega pro, due to the high throw. Comparison with tenergy 05: vega pro is slower but equally spinny (or even more). Also, vega pro has the same high throw (maybe even higher). if you are looking for something similar to T05, bluefire m2 is a much better choice. A cheaper clone of this rubber is Galaxy Sun; it is similar but worse in every respect. bottom line: for me, this rubber is too slow for forehand, too high throw for backhand. I am currently using aurus on fh and sigma europe on bh.

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