Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka Rakza 7 Rubber
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Speed 9.0
Spin 9.3
Control 8.9
Tackiness 2.9   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 6.1   
Medium hard
Gears 8.8   
Many gears
Throw Angle 5.6   
Medium high
Consistency 9.5
Durability 8.0   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 9.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 94 / 100
Spin 95 / 100
Control 67 / 100
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 127 users using the Yasaka Rakza 7.
Yasaka, using mainly natural rubber gum for the top sheet. This improves the level of grip and the power of spin drastically. The top sheet is combined with the new Power Sponge. The top sheet and Power Sponge work in perfect synergy, producing the Hybrid Energy rubber Rakza 7. When the player hits the ball hard, the rubber grips the ball and the stroke can be used to place the ball accurately, both in direction and length. The serve and short returns are very sharp and easy to handle. Due to the increased percentage of natural gum the durability is improved. A winning combination!

Reviews (96)

geomil09  on 11/21/2012

Great rubber! My style is attacking game on both wings, with active blocking and counter hitting. After trying various rubbers (T64, T64fx, T25, T05fx, Andro Hexers, Palio Thor, Xiom Omega IV Pro and Europe, to mention just a few) I've found the best backhand rubber in Yasaka Rakza 7. I've been using it for 5 months now. I started with max, then 2.0mm but 1.8 mm has been the best so far. It is difficult to source (1.8mm) in Europe thou. Import from US is a bit pricey but worth it. It offers perfect feel for short play, return of the serve is well controlled. It is fast. For me the Max is too fast for controlled game. However, 1.8 is fast enough for very effective attacking bh push. But the real advantage comes when you want to play an opening loop against the chop. So easy! BH top spin with this rubber is decent too, max or 2.0 is more suited for this shot. Whichever sponge thickness you choose it will give you a lot of control, but 1.8mm gives you the most in this department. It has an ideal throw angle for backhand, not too linear, not too high. Again if you play close to the table, or up to 1m away, 1.8mm is perfect. If your game is further away go for 2.0mm, or max. Blocking is easy and well controlled with any sponge thickness. I've tried Rakza 7 SOFT 1.8 as well. However, my personal preference is Rakza 7 1.8mm. But then I've always liked medium hard rubbers... It's a perfect match to BF Innerforce ZLC and for me works the best with BF Tenergy 05 1.9mm on the other side. That's my league set up. For fun play I use Innerforce ZLC with Rakza 7 2.0 on bh and Tenergy 05 2.1 on fh. Try it you won't be disappointed.
RNL  on 3/8/2013

I love the Rakza series. I use the Rakza 7 2.0 mm on my BH. There's plenty of spin and speed for my strong, flicky stroke, and provides nice spin in my serves. On my FH, I find I need just a tad more dwell time, so I use Rakza 7 soft in max. I have been using Rakza for almost a year and a half, and haven't found anything I like better. It's durable, spinny, and has a nice throw angle, yet handles chops and pushes without the catapult effect you get with Tenergy.
AlanGP  on 7/1/2018

Fast and consistent Rubber. Everything is good in it. I'm using it on my Rpb BH, and it has a lethal speed, with great control. It's medium Hard. Update: using it again, on the FH, and I just inverted the speed/spin stats. The spin capability of rakza 7 is amazing, near T05 levels. Great rubber.
BMX2  on 6/17/2018

DEC ,2017,Brilliant rubber....most players in my club now use this.Consistency is the middle name of this rubber.Started using it on the Recommendation of my friend .Takes few hrs to show full potential. Update-This is my go to rubber now.Great in fast loops(medium arc ,much less than Tenergy 05),flat hits,serves,returns.Its mind blowing in blocks,when I stand close to the table and block people ask me if I am using ''anti-spin rubber''-as the control is amazing.Update(17-June-2018)-using it again on Rossi Emotion Joola blase....pushing/chopping is amazing,pushes are just too fast,deep if you wish and very low.Best push I ever did with any rubber.I use it on BH,on FH I use Tenergy 05.
man_iii  on 10/27/2015

Fast spinny rubber which is very very lightweight compared to any chinese rubber. Great for loops and aggressive play. For intermediate and pros only. This rubber looks to be a keeper. Spin is king on this rubber. Ball acceleration is tremendous, it imparts insane spin. Blocking, pushing, chopping all works really well. Flipping seems to require bit of work to get right. Technique makes a huge difference. There is some "forgiveness" in the rubber but not that much. Most balls land in if you were aiming inside the table and not trying to achieve orbit. Blocking is a strong suite just as much as looping and hitting. Point and shoot, stroke and play. I've started using Max ( 2.2 mm) RED version now for BH. The speed and spin helps with my weakness in returns on the BH-side. The best Yasaka for those wanting to play an aggressive game while adding a little variation with push/blocks. Good amount of spin and speed with the right technique will make your opponent think twice as your returns progressively get faster and spinnier :-) Update: Lots of ppl complaining about longevity. Rubber cleaning is MUST for this rubber. Either Foam or 3/4 drops of water and wipe clean after playing. Use Sticky Rubber protector sheet. I have this rubber in brand-new surface condition almost 1 year old rubber !!! My number #1 FH rubber. Medium throw angle. Excellent serve, touch, rally, push, chop, top-spin to counter-top spin. This rubber reacts to incoming spin moderately. So control play is must. Good aggressive counter-spin also must.

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