Galaxy Mars V2

Galaxy Mars V2 Rubber
Approx. $ 13 USD
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User Ratings (29)

Speed 8.6
Spin 8.4
Control 8.6
Tackiness 2.0   
Slightly tacky
Weight 5.0   
Medium heavy
Sponge Hardness 4.9   
Gears 5.6   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.2   
Consistency 8.5
Durability 6.6   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 12
Spin 9.0
Tensor No
Anti No
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High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese product.

Galaxy's Description (Translated):

Mars: The Roman God of War. Fiery and fearless, Mars is the symbol of tremendous strength and power.

"Mars" inverted rubber of Milky Way Co. uses a new rubber formula and optimized pimple structure to give the surface a greater friction coefficient. For players used to tacky rubbers, "Mars" provides a greater sense of stability in addition to the unstoppable power when looping. With its superb looping "feel", "Mars" will crush all opposition and bring you to victory!

Reviews (14)

Amigo  on 8/29/2013

This review is on Galaxy Mars V2 factory tuned red @ max. 35 deg Physical : Rubber has good looks, with nice red (orange) sponge. Top sheet has wider pips then avg. Medium height pips. It appears to be very gripe sheet with slight amount of tack (tackiness does not factor in while playing much). Spin: Rubber has good amount of spin. Grip of a top sheet + sponge deformation produce some good rotations. At close range rubber performs good in terms of spin and provides solid control. Medium distance is the best. One can generate heavy loops without much effort. At medium distance you get the best sound too :). Far away rubber is ok, at least 35 degree version I have. It would be great to try harder sponge for FH heavy shots from distance, I think rubber would work great. Speed: A bit on a strange side here. Rubber acts between dead china rubber and slower tensor rubber. Dont really understand marketing "T64 Clone".... It has solid speed and not too much bounce. Problem is far away when you will engage blade a bit too much. Maybe if you get regular version of Mars 2 it would be better then tuned (soft) for a speed at distance...? Overall speed of this rubber will be fine for most of the players unless you are way up there in TT world. Then maybe this rubber would be ok for BH. Throw angle: On a low side here... I feel as if many would find this great on BH. For FH one has to make slight adjustment on strokes. I usually play TG3N on FH so it took me few hits to get a grip on Mars 2. Had no such issues on BH, rubber was fine out of the pack. Recommended to: Honestly this is one of those rubbers i would recommend to anybody. Beginners will have fun with it because it has properties of both Chinese and tensor rubbers. It can beginners decide what path to take (tensor vs dead tacky). Intermediates will get most out of this. Rubber will provide more then enough speed and spin on both FH and BH. For pros (if you have to buy) then this is a cheap training option. Overall great product at 15$ price tag. Highly recommended, so give it a shot if you like, and have fun playing TT :).
seguso  on 2/13/2012

Tried Mars2 34 max on a stiga offensive CR. on the other side there was a NEO hurricane 3 tuned with baby oil and goo-gone. Result: the mars 2 is much faster than the tuned H3 NEO, both in kill shots and in passive shots. Mars 2 is almost like a tensor in speed and springiness, but not quite. Then I detached Neo H3 and put a sword hero FT black on the other side. Result: Hero ft is even faster, higher throw, and spinnier. Mars2 34 is softer though, so it could be better for backhand. The rubber seemed spinny but less than a spinny tensor like xiom vega pro. The throw was slightly lower than H3. It should be lower than Vega pro. I'd say the throw is medium. completely nontacky. topsheet hardness is medium, so it can be used on backhand. Gears: good. not like a tensor, but more than a classical Chinese rubber. This rubber is fast in passive shots, and has a noticeable kick in power loops. Again, almost a tensor.
TTCP  on 4/20/2018

I've been using this rubber on BH. This is a fairly average grippy rubber, very slightly tacky. It's ok in every aspect. The speed is ok; there's enough gears to finish points. The spin is decent for a non-tacky rubber. The rubber actually grabs the ball very well. This allows for good control in both soft and power shots. Because it's not a tensor, it's not dynamic and the throw angle is medium. You have to use some motion in order to generate speed and spin. The best aspects of this rubber are probably its low price and high durability. And unlike other tacky hard Chinese rubber, this rubber is pretty soft. So you don't need to be familiar with tacky rubber to play with it. Anyone can pick it up and play right away without any issues. Despite it being somewhat average in most categories, I would rate this rubber 9 out of 10. Because it performs well relative to its price, and it lasts quite a while. Whether you are only a recreational player or a serious player, you can't go wrong with this. This is especially good as a cheap practice rubber.
Ryujin1995  on 1/17/2018

For me it's not a good rubber. It costed approximately 15 dollars and its durability I think only lasts 2 or 3 months using it thrice a week. A better choice would be a DHS hurricane just by adding 5 to 10 dollars in my opinion. About this rubber, it's a tacky rubber. Very light compared to a DHS hurricane. I used it with a donic epox offensiv and I think it produces a decent speed. Sponge hardness is possibly between hard and medium hard.
ExploreTT  on 11/5/2017

Good control, light, VERY durable, nice - looking, but not good spin... Speed is linked to spin and that's why it is slower too. Also, another problem regarding the rubber with me personally was that I mistook the rubber to be faster than my other rubber Jupiter because of the seller and this site's speed ratings... That's why I put a rating of 5 to compensate the overall rating, but my real rating on speed would be 8.3. Can be satisfying for a low budget guys who want control and are trying for an improvement of technique.

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