Galaxy Moon

Galaxy Moon Rubber
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User Ratings (61)

Speed 8.7
Spin 8.6
Control 8.8
Tackiness 1.9   
Slightly tacky
Weight 4.5   
Sponge Hardness 5.6   
Gears 6.2   
Above average gears
Throw Angle 4.6   
Consistency 8.1
Durability 6.6   
Lasts longer than average
Overall 8.8 10
Manufacturer Details
Speed 120
Spin 90
Tensor No
Anti No
There are 18 users using the Galaxy Moon.
High speed, high tension, high friction rubber that feels a lot like a Japanese rubber. It is a high-performance non-tacky rubber.

Built to compare to the Butterfly Tenergy 05 and 05-FX.

Non-tacky Galaxy rubbers compared:
- Galaxy Moon, High throw, offensive rubber, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 05!
- Galaxy Sun, Lower throw, close to table attack, comparable with Butterfly Tenergy 25!
- Galaxy Mars V2, Lowest throw, offensive rubber, controlled version of Butterfly Tenergy 64!

Reviews (38)

blackbird74  on 8/15/2013

Tested Hardness Black 39 2.2mm. Rubber is very slightly tacky when new. The ball will not stick to it. Good to moderate amount of spin. Quite fast and springy. Control was quite good for a fast rubber, even close to the table. Throw angle I found to be medium. Blocking was quite good as springy and plenty of bounce, but not too much so good control. Pushing and chop serves were good for control but spin was not too heavy due to lack of tacky surface. Still very good though. Good for attaching close to mid-distance but further back it lacked some pace. Attacking felt really good at close and mid-distance with lots of power and spin with a nice arc, but further back from the table it lacked some pace and bounce. Therefore, a bit lacking in gears. Overall, I would recommend it for an attacker at close to mid-distance who doesn't play too far from the table much. Control is quite good and the sponge not too hard. However, of two rubbers I ordered, one was bubbled (sponge separated from rubber) in a large patch, just out of the packet before even being cut. Not sure if this is a manufacturer or delivery issue, but I have marked it down on durability and consistency for that reason. The one rubber I did use has been fine. My ratings: Speed: 8.8; Spin: 8.7; Control: 8.6 Tackiness: Slightly tacky; Throw Angle: Medium Weight: Average; Sponge Harness: Medium; Gear: Average Durability: Not very durable; Consistency: Occasional variations Overall: 8.4
chubbychopper  on 3/7/2013

Moon - red 2.1 mm 37 deg hardness Donic Defplay Senso I reviewed this rubber long ago... much has changed since then (or so I like to think). Some on here claim this baby lacks spin or touch, for both loops and chops. Nothing is farther from the truth! I understand how they feel as I too experienced the same conclusion upon first use. It comes down to your stroke. I am able to chop and loop with tremendous amounts of spin. Easily equal to or greater than any other rubber I have used as of yet. The rating system is inaccurate to say the least. Too many unqualified posters and inflaters/deflaters. Instead I'll compare it to a few other rubbers I've used and let readers drawn their on conclusions. Compared to: Hurricane 3 #19 Sponge - Moon has a much faster rebound with a livelier feel. Its top end speed is greater for loops and drives. I would give the spin edge to a new sheet of H3 with the tack still fresh. Once it wears off I find they are quite similar, in fact in my hands I am able to generate a tad more spin with the moon on brushing strokes (both chops and loops). Short game goes to H3. Geospin Tacky - I find moon superior in every way, aside from once again a new sheet of geospin with fresh tack... better spin at first for the opening sessions. Geospin is much better rubber for beginning players I'd say. A lot slower and easier to handle (other than reading spin as the moon is essentially tackless and less sensitive to the incoming ball). Gambler Reflectoid - Put this toy away! Reflectoid supposedly is a wonderful blocking rubber... Moon does it better all the while keeping more gears for attacking! Stiga Mendo - Mendo is much softer, has a lighter touch, and one might argue is easier to control overall. Yet, with a bit of skill and knowledge of the game I rank Moon above Mendo in every category across the board (barring ones such as sponge hardness etc.).
Shirazir  on 10/15/2012

It's odd that Galaxy tries to earmark Moon as their T05 substitute because it's simply not. The throw isn't high enough and it's not crazy spinny though it is quite fast and bouncy. I would go as far as to say that this is somewhere in between Bryce and T05 in terms of how it plays, albeit with a bit less speed. At first glance, the topsheet looks like a high quality Euro/Jap topsheet in that it's matte with very little to no tackiness. The sponge is similar in colour to Butterfly's Spring Sponge (Tenergy, Spin Art) though the 39 degree red version is a fair bit harder. As far as playing characteristics go, this is a decent looping rubber away from the table but excels in blocking and counter-hitting due to the slightly harder, springy sponge and it's strong insensitivity to spin. In the short game, it can be springy if one isn't used to a tensioned rubber but by no means is it difficult to control once you get a feel for it. After using it on my forehand for a short while, I ended up switching it around to my backhand as the Mercury II was a better fit while Moon wasn't producing enough spin from mid table for my liking. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad FH rubber but it just didn't work for my style of looping and worked better for blocking which I prefer to do on my backhand side. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get out of this rubber what some of the other reviewers did and I assume that it's due in part to my preference to stay fairly close to the table and the fact that 39 degrees is a little harder than I should actually be using. Again, there's nothing inherently wrong with this rubber, in fact, its quite good at blocking and counter-hitting as I mentioned ; it's just not for me unfortunately.
Frogger  on 8/22/2012

This is the poor man's Bryce. Fast, linear, blocks great. Counters are fast with good spin. Loops are good but needs more muscle away from table. Spin on service is good but not great ala T05. This rubber is for players who play close-mid who value an allround game based on block/counter/ supporting loop.Durability is reasonable. Works great for BH. Ok for FH for certain players who drive.
Amigo  on 11/27/2013

Large amount of reviews on this rubber. In my opinion it is a good value for the money and would advice players to try this rubber. Out of the pack it has super grip (like T05) but rubber is not the best clone of T05. Other then that it is /"do it all rubber/". About 15-20 % in every department down from T05 and you can get the idea how this plays. I would highly recommend this rubber to anybody on FH or BH. This can be used in match easy, so it is not only training rubber. UPDATE: Recently few of my friends tested 5 ply ALL blades and Moon was one of the rubbers on testing. Most of them including me had very hard time lifting heavy under spin on FH side with Moon on those slower flexible blades. We actually do not know the reason why did this happen but it did. Playing a pips chopper was almost impossible. So much effort was needed to lift chops and so much upward motion that speed was no where near enough for scoring points. Non of us had any complaint on BH side. Moon was actually very good BH rubber on slow ALL blades. Enjoy TT and have fun :)

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