Artengo TTS 500

Artengo TTS 500 Shoes
Approx. $ 30 USD
Price $

User Ratings (1)

Grip 3.0   
A little bit slippery
Comfort 9.0
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Weight 3.0   
Overall 8.0 10
Designed for intermediate table tennis players. Our shoes meet your needs for traction and support. Don't worry about slipping, concentrate on your game! Our shoe provides good propulsion thanks to the support and grip from the sole.

Reviews (1)

MariusM  6 months ago

The shoes are on the cheap side conpared to the shoes sold under dedicated table tennis brands. In my country (Eastern Europe) they retail at about 30 USD. They are the brand of a big sports retailer, you should be able to find them easily in Europe (not sure about Asia or Americas). Grip: the shoes have very good grip on most of the surfaces. I did encounter a couple of floors where they were slippery (usually in multi-sport gyms, not dedicated just to table tennis). Comfort: I found them to be very comfortable, not overgeating or sweating too much even after 4-5 hours long playing sessions. Weight: they are light, I found it easy to move my feet quickly in these shoes. Durability: I have used 1 pair for 1 year, averaging about 5-6 hours of playing per week (for reference, I am a developing amateur player, playing regularly for about 2 years now; more serious players might wear out the shoes faster). After 1 year, they have started to break apart, they now have a 4 cm horizontal cut just above the mid sole, on the side. They will probably become unusable anytime now, I usually carry spare shoes with me now, just in case. I was satisfied with the price to quality ratio, so I bought another pair.

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