Butterfly Energy Force 3

Butterfly Energy Force 3 Shoes
Approx. $ 100 USD
Price $

User Ratings (17)

Grip 6.7   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 9.7
Durability 9.4   
Lasts a long time!
Weight 1.3   
Overall 9.8 10
Butterfly and Asics are two leading companies that have combined their experience and technology together to create Energy Force. The effect of their synergy gave birth to shoes that bring out the most from the player. Energy Force III comes with many functions and are high performance shoes made to fit the worlds top players.

Asics-Gel A damping pulp, neither liquid nor solid, substantially reduces impact and thus reduces the strain on legs and joints.

Spider Form The spider web design element forms reinforcement on the side of the shoe, preventing skidding and is stylish at the same time.

NC-Rubber The NC-Rubber is loaded in the shoes, and shows its griping power that sticks well.

SpEVA SpEVA is the inner sole of the shoe to reduce the impact and repel at the same time to support your steps.

Slit Shoe Tongue The shoe tongue which is split in two will hold the foot firmly and increase stability.

Extra Hard EVA The extra hard EVA used on the outer sole will help you smoothly move your weight from the kick off to step in.

Reviews (11)

Whaleman888  on 6/14/2012

Brilliant shoes! Well worth the money, especially as I got a discount as my coach is sponsored by butterfly :) but I would've paid the full price anyway!
ziggy defender  on 2/1/2012

Best tt shoes I've ever used! It's ridiculus they discontinued this model....I've read that E.F. VIII are not that perfect.
q_nsy  on 1/19/2012

it's just nice shoes, very comfortable, and good keep leg. worth the money.
wm7789  on 12/18/2011

best table tennis shoes i ever bought. should have bought two pair. it is hard to find the same kind again. not sold anymore. i am waiting on VIII. it has the same style. it is not sold in US yet. lets go butterfly. I am expecting the prise to be around $150-200.
Anonymous  on 4/17/2011

The best tt-shoes ever I guess! Everything is perfect so buy it! I play nearly every day tt and i use them since 2009 and they are still very good and comfortable! phantastic!

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