Butterfly Energy Force XI

Butterfly Energy Force XI Shoes
Approx. $ 160 USD
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Grip 6.0   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 8.0
Durability 7.0   
Lasts longer than average
Weight 2.0   
Overall 9.0 10

To analyze the movement of athletes Mizutani Falcon was developed, the moment you want to stop, with strong grip to exert only the moment you want to straddle the "Grip sole variable." In addition, high-performance shoes to suppress the horizontal blur, and enhance the stability.

â  Color: two colors (red, silver)
â  Size: 12 Size of 22.5 ~ 28.0cm
â  Material Upper: synthetic fiber reinforcement = body = artificial leather (polyester mesh)
â  Material Sole: Rubber

Reviews (1)

ttsg  on 11/14/2013

Overall on par with Energy X on gripping, but the shoe tonged area a bit too tight for comfort. which result uneasy feel during movement. After some intense wearing for training, it appear that XI having some design issue with the shoe tongue area that making it too tight for comfort. It added extra pressure to your upper feet. Other than that is make no different with Energy force X.

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