Butterfly Lezoline Lazer

Butterfly Lezoline Lazer Shoes
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Grip 6.0   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 7.7
Durability 0.0   
Wears out or breaks easily
Weight 3.0   
Overall 7.0 10

Reviews (2)

ondrashorak  on 8/10/2017

Got these shoes some time ago. The amount of grip is good, never had a problem with slipping or so. These shoes are really comfortable, wide enough. If you have thinner foot you could have a problem with some free place inside a shoe. It is little bit hard to adjust the width with shoes laces. In the begining the front part of shoe (toe-cap) felt little bit plastic when it bent but it should be ok after some time. What I really love it the design of these shoes (black/pink especialy). Shoes are light and really breathable. I hope durability won´t be as bad as written here, I will se after more time.
AdamTT  on 7/9/2016

Hi everyone, coming with a rewiew of butterfly lezoline lazer. First thing i want to talk about is grip. The grip is not bad, actually it's very good amount of grip, but i would not say it's perfect. These shoes are very comfortable for me, like the first feeling wasn't that good but after 2-3 trainings it went really fine. Weight is, well, it is light, they're made from i would say "net", that's probably why they are so light. But there comes the worst part of them - durability. The durability of these shoes is the worst. I had them for like 2 months? And that "net" just completely teared. Durability - 3/10. And final thing i wanted to mention is desing, lezoline lazer are probably the best looking table tennis shoes i've seen so far (atleast the blue ones).

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