Butterfly Radial EL

Butterfly Radial EL Shoes
Approx. $ 63 USD
Price $

User Ratings (17)

Grip 5.3   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 7.2
Durability 6.6   
Lasts longer than average
Weight 2.5   
Overall 7.5 10
The Radial EL shoe combines comfort, support and is light weight (260 grams), with the unique design enabling the shoe to be laced according to personal preference. Furthermore, the mesh inserts enable the foot to breathe.

Reviews (6)

powerlefty  on 9/15/2013

An okay table tennis shoe but not worth it for the price. Not very comfortable and not worth the price.
Daniel Said  on 4/16/2012

Great shoes but the hole it has at the bottom makes my heel hurt! I d still have to try it on for at lest an hour. I hope i'll wear it sot to throw away 70euros!
zapatera  on 3/7/2012

Very nice shoes, I have one and after a year they are in perfect conditions ! I play in laminate floor and they are very comfortables.
JuliaKoelman  on 10/27/2011

Love this shoe! It's comfortable, light, not too slippery and looks very pretty.
goncas12  on 8/30/2010

I use this shoes, they´re pretty cool, but i prefer energyforce 3

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