Mizuno Wave Drive 7

Mizuno Wave Drive 7 Shoes
Approx. $ 100 USD
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User Ratings (7)

Grip 6.6   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 9.1
Durability 8.3   
Lasts longer than average
Weight 2.1   
Overall 9.6 10
Low to the ground table tennis shoes for quick movements. Heel wave plate and ap+ ensure optimal cushioning and lightweight properties. Anatomically moulded removable cup insole maximizes comfort and support for table tennis movements. AIRmesh upper offers breathability. Dynamotion groove - increased traction, flexibility and stability during quick movements.

Reviews (3)

JST  3 months ago

After using them 4 months: definitely one of top shoes you can get for indoor game like TT. Excellent grip on wide range of floor surfaces, feels light and gives you confidence in all positions. After playing ~6h a week for 4 months it has no visible damage so durability is OK so far. The only negative I can say (beside design which is subjective but I still like Wave Drive 8 and some from Crossmatch series more then WD7) is that I feel not 100% naturally when I take the shoes on, like deficit of support in the middle of the foot. But this disappears few minutes after I start playing and then during the rally I just feel confidence from my moves.
mlax  7 months ago

Shoe with great grip and support. The cushioning is less than some ASICS shoes. If you weight is above 100kg/220lbs, I would recommend looking for a different shoe such as one from ASICS or Yonex.
regmonta  on 2/5/2017

Very comfortable, excellent grip on most surfaces, light and durable. The sole/grip will eventually wear out, but it takes a long time. Even when worn out, the grip is still good unless you play on hardwood floors (e.g. basketball court). Used by many professional players. Not very expensive if you can find them locally. I had to order from Japan. Seem true to size.

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