Tibhar Contact Total Flex

Tibhar Contact Total Flex Shoes
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Grip 6.0   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 6.0
Durability 5.0   
Average durability
Weight 2.0   
Overall 5.0 10
Very light and flexible court shoes. Great floor contact thanks to the flat outer sole level. Anti-slippery outer sole Optimized control for quick and short movements. Soft and breathable upper fabric- Modern design

Reviews (1)

Rasmus  on 12/21/2014

An ok, relatively cheap shoe. Finish and materials are ok, but it just is a shoe in the cheaper end of the range. What appears to be ventilation holes in the sole like the more expensive brands has, is merely cosmetic, and the overall finish of the sole is average. The flex in the forefoot is very good, and so is the contact and grip. The heel to center-part of the sole is medium stiff, and cushioning in the heel is good. Archsupport is non-existing, and the insole is low quality. The top af the shoe is mesh/synthetic - no leather, and it tends to be a warm shoe. The heelcap is medium-stiff and the sides of the shoe in the opening around the ancle are a bit high for a tabletennis shoe, even if it does not restrict movement in any way. The fit on the heel to mid foot is fine. The toe-box seems quite wide and tall, so lots of room for the toes to move,- maybe even a bit too much. Overall an ok, relatively cheap shoe for recreational play. It is not designed particularly for tabletennis in any way, but it can work. Flex, floor contact and grip is fine, but if you have active fotwork while playing I wouldn't recommend this shoe. The wide and tall toebox is too hard to tighten enough for all the sideways movements and the insole will quickly fall apart.

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