Tibhar Speed Move

Tibhar Speed Move Shoes
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Grip 6.0   
Perfect amount of grip
Comfort 8.0
Durability 0.0   
Wears out or breaks easily
Weight 2.0   
Overall 3.0 10
Just to clarify things, this were one of the worst shoes i've ever bought in my 26 years of table tennis.

I bought them in May 2012 and i've only used them about 50 times or so. (Didn't play during July and August).

After a few weeks and top-spins, the side front quickly started to deteriorate and now, about 6 months later, part of the outer sole has started to break into little pieces. Also the front edge sole has started to unstick from the leather.

The durability is awful, really.

Another bad thing about them is the inner sock. It has literally been destroyed causing me discomfort and even bubbles on both feet.

The only positive characteristics are the grip and stability.
The grip is very good i must admit and they are quite stable when making fast lateral moves.

Meanwhile i will buy another pair of shoes and i should go for the Mizuno ou Adidas brands cause i know they last a long time and the grip is also great. The downside is the price but hey, when you need quality you need to pay for it and i should know that already when i bought this pair of Tibhar.

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davidrk  on 6/10/2015

WORST PRODUCT! Despite of the description u have provided in this site, ive bought this product and just after the first match of wearing this product, ive found that there is a crack in the side front! Just like your description, the outer part of the shoe deteriorated from the first time i am wearing this! Tibhar, what happen!? The price is too high for worst product like this! #Dont buy this! #furious

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