Dawei Butter

Dawei Butter Sponge
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User Ratings (1)

Speed 7.5
Control 9.5
Hardness 0.0   
Dwell Time 10.0
Glue Effect 7.0   
Above average effect
Weight 4.0   
Consistency (not rated)
Overall 9.5 10
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Reviews (1)

Klaus  on 1/9/2010

Sweet sponge. Lively, good control, the ball really digs in to generate a lot of spin. It's surprisingly fast for a soft sponge. I'm using 2.2mm and there is not an issue in bottoming. When teamed with a CJ8000c topsheet (very thin and a little tacky) the combination really comes alive. The thin topsheet really reacts well to the soft sponge letting every ball dig into the sponge. That creates a consistent feel for all shots regardless of speed. No more problems with the ball having a different feel when slower shots only react with the topsheet. The sponge may be a little soft for some players wanting faster rubber and a quick catapult. This sponge has l-o-n-g dwell time that can generate massive spin with the right topsheet. I think it would be a good match on a faster blade rather than a slower one.

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