Butterfly Easifold 16 Rollaway

Butterfly Easifold 16 Rollaway Table
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Thickness 16mm
The Butterfly Easifold 16 table tennis table is a great choice for those looking for a home table at an affordable price. The Butterfly Easifold 16 is foldable, rollaway table that requires minimal assembly time; countless hours of fun without the hassle. The 16mm top provides a good bounce and playability and is available in vibrant colors of blue or green. It is protected by a strong steel frame and attractive magenta corner pieces that perfectly accentuate the top color, and a level playing surface is guaranteed with height adjusters on each leg. The Butterfly Easifold 16 table divides into two equal halves, each half consisting of 2 legs that fold into the top for easy movement and storage. Each half has four independent wheels, one of which has a brake to secure the table during play or storage. A double locking mechanism prevents the table from opening or closing accidentally. Another popular attribute of the Easifold 16 table is the playback feature where one half can be set in the storage position, providing the opportunity for extra practice when a partner is not available. A Butterfly clip net and post set is provided, which includes a rubber cover on the clamp to avoid damage to the center corners of the table. The Easifold 16 is a great choice for a home ping pong table as a birthday or Christmas gift.

• The ideal table for those looking for an excellent table at an affordable price.
• Quick assembly, just add the wheel brackets, net set and you’re ready to play
• Surface Color: Blue
• 9’ long x 5’ wide & 2’6” high
• Storage Dimensions: 5’3” high x 5’ wide x 25” deep
• 16mm top
• Butterfly clip net and post set included
• Playback feature for single player practice
• Locking wheels for safe and easy rollaway

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