Butterfly Home Rollaway

Butterfly Home Rollaway Table
Approx. $ 450 USD
Price $

User Ratings (2)

Bounce 3.0   
Noticeably less (recreational quality)
Spin 6.0   
A bit of spin lost
Overall 6.5 10
Manufacturer Details
Thickness 3/4"
Wheels Has wheels

Reviews (2)

The_Coach  on 2/26/2010

I agree with the former review. A decent table, nothing more there are better ones...
atombombed  on 10/2/2009

i have this table at home and i beleive that this is a decent tablew i leave it in the garage and it always stays fine they are realy hard to damage and i would reccomend this to anyone who wantas a table ast home i would not reccomend thid=s to any club with a high standard because they are simply not good enough howevere they are good enough for at home and the price is really good that is why i would reccomend thid this for begginers also it is fuine outdoars as olong as there is a cover over it for rain overall this is a reasonably good table

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