DHS Rainbow

DHS Rainbow Table
Approx. $ 1899 USD
Price $

User Ratings (5)

Bounce 7.2   
Club-quality bounce (a little less)
Spin 7.2   
A bit of spin lost
Overall 9.7 10
Manufacturer Details
Thickness 7/8" or 22mm
Weight 420 lbs

Reviews (2)

Xiom101  on 5/20/2014

I really do like this table, its the one they use at my club, but it really isn't a pro table, This is a table that is good for recreational matches or exhibition matches.
jeff_attc  on 8/21/2008

Been able to play on uncle's table and it is very nice table. This table is stationary, it is very solid and stable, comes with it's own net set. Bounce sounds hollow.

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