JOOLA Infinity

JOOLA Infinity Table
Approx. $ 699 USD
Price $

User Ratings (2)

Bounce 6.0   
Club-quality bounce (a little less)
Spin 10.0   
Spin is like pro tables
Overall 8.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Thickness 1 inch 25mm
Wheels Has wheels
Weight 250
JOOLA's Infinity table is the first of its kind for this Olympic brand! This attractive centerfold table features a competition-grade MDF surface that offers a consistent and true bounce as a result of a meticulous six layer painting process unparalleled by other table manufacturers. The undercarriage is unquestionably solid and durable, sporting 2" x 1/3" round steel legs with adjustable feet, four 4" rubber casters with locks, eight 40mm cross member steel support bars, 6" wide panels on each end of the table, and PVC edge banding on the perimeter of the playing surface to prevent from wear and tear. Furthermore, the 2" x 3/4" heavy gauge steel apron prevents warping and assists in reinforcing the surface structure while beautifully balanced on a single trolley system. In addition, safety was carefully considered in this table design, as demonstrated by dual safety levers providing a double-locking mechanism and plastic covers on each corner of the playing surface to protect the edges and players. Lastly, the JOOLA Infinity table comes with a matching professional quality net that is easy to install and adjust. Initial assembly is estimated at 45 minutes.

Reviews (2)

Adam  on 12/2/2013

I own this table. Got a good /"Deal/" and was nearly able to put it together myself. I recommend searching the internet for user assembly instructions because it is true that the instructions sent along with it are somewhat confusing. The last few steps will take 2 capable people at least in order to get the heavy table sections into a grooved locking track. This table is substantial. Nearly 300lbs and the thickness is certainly appreciated if staying outdoors most of the time (garage temp fluctuations). The blue surface does come off on the ball, but that diminishes after a few weeks of play. Overall I am pleased with this table. On one hand it is heavier than I needed, but if spending $$$ on a table I wanted it to last and not show signs of wear. This accomplishes that. The wheels are large and moving it is easy. But do not expect to move it down/up stairs once assembled because it is far too large for that. The table may have been discontinued, and I can understand why due to some flaws in the leveling mechanisms, the weight, and the surface rubbing complaints... That said though, I am happy with this table and it is the gem of the neighborhood. Would I buy it again? No. Would I recommend it to others? No. In fact, I have recommended against it. But in the end, I love ping pong and am thrilled to have a table that is holding up extremely well to bumping and jarring and whatever else some dads can throw at it. Bottom line: There are probably cheaper/easier to maneuver tables out there if you are a novice and are looking just to hit around with the family. And there are likely higher quality tables for slightly more money that would make sense to a club.
jhuang5555  on 7/8/2012

I just bought this table for $495 + tax from sears, and I am really happy with it. The ball does not bounce as high as the Joola pro table like the 3000SC or the Doumat at my club, but the bounce is consistant and fast. I do see some ball marks on the table that can't be wiped off, but that doesn't really bother me. I have not noticed any blue paint coming off as some people claim. This table is heavy, but it comes with 4" larger casters for easy trasnport and folding. Overall, the quality is great altough assembly is a bit difficult and confusing. For around $500, this table comes in great value with 1" table top, 2X3/4" apron & 2 1/3" round legs. If you are seriously into the game of table tennis but dont' like to spend big bucks for a proffesional table, then this Joola Infinity S-25 is the best buy for around $500.

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