JOOLA Inside

JOOLA Inside Table
Approx. $ 399 USD
Price $

User Ratings (3)

Bounce 4.5   
Club-quality bounce (a little less)
Spin 8.0   
Spin is like pro tables
Overall 6.0 10
Manufacturer Details
Thickness 16mm
Wheels Has wheels
Weight 137 lbs
Great fun with a great price. The Inside table is perfect for budget minded families that would still like a quality table.

- Automatic system, mobile on 4 wheels
- Stable, powder-coated metal undercarriage
- Proven, stable construction, automatic legs
- Double anti-tilting device
- COMPACT net set included

Reviews (3)

vpham199  on 3/26/2016

This is my 1st ping pong table. It serves my need to practice at home.
reviewmaster  on 1/29/2015

The JOOLA Inside is great for recreational play. See full review at
Adam  on 12/2/2013

I recommended this table as a big birthday gift to another couple after having purchased the Joola Infinity table for myself the year prior. I have played on this Inside table at their house and have had a lot of fun with it. It is super light, stows quickly/easily, and is substantial enough for some more serious play at home between fellow magicians. IMO, its best use is for a family/'s first table with the hope that it would be more durable than the ones offered at the local big box sports stores. The corners have held up well to contact and with a nice net set, this table could be absolutely dynamite as recreational table. Quality construction, light, fun. Not the ideal club table though since the thickness could be thicker.

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