Killerspin MyT5 Bianco Pearl

Killerspin MyT5 Bianco Pearl Table
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Thickness 16mm
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The MyT5 Bianco Pearl table tennis table will simply be your interior's best friend. It's new, it's crisp and it will make your room look exceptional! Crafted in pearl white finish, the table will make your space will feel bigger and brighter, warmer and more modern. White is said to be a positive and open color, and Killerspin found that a perfect match with the sport of table tennis. So they made the MyT5 Bianco Pearl. The first of its kind.

Emphasize how much you value beauty

Have you ever painted a room in a bold color, bought a purple couch or a grass-green carpet? If you did, how long did it take for you to pick up the paintbrush and cover that once-loved color or throw out the bright furniture and replace it with something more calm? Like this pale tint of off-white. Killerspin made it its mission to make the sport of table tennis as elegant as possible, and MyT5 Bianco Pearl is their newest step in that direction. It is all about simplicity and clean lines.

Elegance ensured

White ensures an interior that will never grow old and gives the MyT5 Bianco Pearl table the stature of an elegant centerpiece, no matter where you place it. The new design is inviting and inspires you to come forward, start a match and a chat with the person on the other end of the ping pong table. #UnPlugNPlay in high style.

A special flair to an already amazing table

The MyT5 Bianco Pearl is all that the MyT series of tables is, and more. That means a tournament-grade table tennis surface, a sturdy steel frame, 3 inch caster wheels with Killerspin's Safety Locking System, plus the incomparable ease of set up, from unboxing to storage and play. Elegance, simplicity, and practicality are the ultimate combination of features.

Waiting for memories to be created

The MyT5 Bianco Pearl will be your best strategy and your most reliable tool to get your family, friends or coworkers gathered in one place, laughing, exercising, and having the time of their day!

TOP: 16mm MDF
FEET: Adjustable
COATING: Repeat Roller Coating
NET POST SET: Killerspin Net-post-set
SET UP STYLE: Rollaway

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