Killerspin MyT5 BlackPocket

Killerspin MyT5 BlackPocket Table
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Thickness 16mm
Wheels Has wheels
The MyT5 BlackPocket table combines elegant looks, high performance, and a collection of practical features to make your ping pong matches even more enjoyable. Killerspin designed the MyT5 BlackPocket with your needs in mind, and it will prove to be the best purchase you ever made to spice up your game space and enrich your family time!

Perks of Practicality

The table''s classic and elegant looks hide a useful new feature; ping pong ball pockets. Gone are the days of bulging shorts pockets or hanging ball pouches, the MyT5 BlackPocket''s built-in ball pockets store up to 8 ping pong balls on each side, saving you time and energy so you can focus on the goal winning!

Paddles Hideout

It turns out coming up with new, functional, and stylish design isn't that hard at all. Killerspin''s table keeps everything you need to play and win protected from dust, loss and damage. They delivered with a paddle pocket within easy reach that can safely store two paddles on each players'' side. Enjoy the game!

Grace Revealed

Killerspin strives to provide more than a tournament level playing surface and maximum sturdiness. Killerspin creates state-of-the-art pieces of furniture that will do more than complement your game room, living room or office, your new table tennis table will charmingly transform your game room into your new favorite space.

A+ Quality Net & Post System

A table like MyT 5 BlackPocket can't come with anything less than the best accessories. The durability and eye catching looks of the Apex Net & Post system are guaranteed. Whenever you'd like to fold the table in a playback position or to store it, you'll need no more than a few seconds to detach the net, and a few more to fold the table and securely lock it into storage position. It's that easy.

TOP: 16mm MDF
FEET: Adjustable
COATING: Repeat Roller Coating
NET POST SET: Killerspin Net-post-set
SET UP STYLE: Rollaway

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