Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteel

Killerspin Revolution SVR BlackSteel Table
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Thickness 25mm
Heir to the Revolution Series Throne

The recognizable Revolution silhouette, combined with a black-on-black look and the addition of built in paddles and balls pocket system, will captivate your imagination. This exquisite piece of furniture presents a masterful personification of power that is reflected through its masculine base and a beauty that will leave everyone in awe. Every aspect of this table has been designed and crafted to maximize its performance, durability and allure.

Intoxicating harmony of experience and innovation

The distinctive Revolution design swiftly became iconic, and it graduated to another level with the appearance of its latest generation: The Revolution Black Steel. The enticing blend of the polished surface and subtle details gives this piece of furniture a look that will not go unnoticed. Built-in adjustable feet, folding legs cleverly hidden beneath the base and table top protectors fitted in the net post set are the finishing touches that you will discover after you’re already entranced.

The core of your interior

The design and quality manufacturing process of the Revolution Black Steel ensure unrivaled artistry and reliability that perfectly reflects the taste of its owner. It is a tournament level table tennis table with a professional 25 mm playing surface, and a contemporary art gallery-style piece of furniture. The Revolution BlackSteel's beauty is unfading and its presence impressive.

Inspired by function

Each side of the table is adorned with built-in paddle and ball pockets, capable of storing and protecting up to four paddles and sixteen balls total, ensuring everything you need for a match is close at hand. A Premium Killerspin Net Post Set adds the final aesthetic and functional touch to an already superior table. It is a badge of creativity and prestige.

TOP: 25mm MDF
FEET: Adjustable
COATING: Glare Reducing Coating
SET UP STYLE: Stationary With Folding Wheels

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