Alpha Modern Table Tennis 101

Alpha Modern Table Tennis 101 Training DVD
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Instructors Wei Wang and Sean O\'Neill
  • Grip
  • Positioning
  • The ball
  • Looping a topspin ball
  • Pushing
  • Looping an underspin ball
  • Blocking
  • Smashing
  • Countering
  • Footwork and practice
  • Equipment
In this highly acclaimed instructional video, five-time U.S. Men’s Champion Sean O’Neill and 1991 U.S. Women’s Champion Wei Wang combine their knowledge of Western and Chinese Table Tennis styles into a comprehensive course. It incorporates a sequence of steps specifically designed to quickly and efficiently learn the techniques necessary for today’s highly developed sport.

Video clips from tournaments that exemplify each stroke and its application in competition are followed by real-time and slow-motion analysis of Wei’s and Sean’s strokes, each from three different angles. Three-D graphics illustrate contact points and timing from the player’s view, while three-D animation is used to explain some other basic concepts.

The early chapters discuss the grip, ball, timing, spin, and positioning. Then, step by step, the forehand and backhand strokes are introduced in a sequence designed to lay a solid foundation for a balanced attack game. Unlike with older table tennis schooling, children now can immediately develop what will be their final strokes, independent of their height relative to the table, and all players learn to deal with spin early on, removing the necessity of re-learning many strokes after the initial steps have been made.

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